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Lio Rush Announces He Is Cleared To Return

Lionel Green FKA Lio Rush announced today that he has been working for a comeback in the past months and is now cleared to apparently wrestle once again. This comes after he announced his early retirement at the age of 26 due to multiple injuries he sustained in his career. His most recent appearance was […]

Interview with Chuck Palumbo

Former WWE and WCW star Chuck Palumbo made an appearance on That 90’s Wrestling Podcast to speak with host James about his career. During the interview James asked Palumbo about his relationship with Sean O’Haire and why he didn’t become a bigger star in wrestling? Comments: Palumbo: Our relationship was excellent , Him and I […]

Acti-Blizzard II: Tides of Darkness

Clever right?  Anyways, let’s skip all the formalities and move on with the article because holy crap there’s a lot to cover already!  Walkouts, firings, underhanded tactics by ActiBlizzard, the cowardly CEO finally replies…let’s get right into it. So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about the Acti-Blizzard lawsuit.  Again, this article […]

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