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Space tea, episode 1

Space Tea #1Welcome to the first ever Space Tea! I’ve decided that I just have no drive to watch and write about wrestling, with WWE’s absolute garbage events and plummeting ratings, terrible shows and no crowd, unlike AEW, although AEW/TNA/NJPW/NWA’s alliance is interesting, but right now, I am very into Elite; Dangerous. So a quick rundown, Elite is an open

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NWA-TNA: The begining

June 19, 2002. The very first ever NWA-TNA joint show. The show now known as Impact was once under the umbrella of the NWA, the Grandfather of all wrestling organizations. All current promotions have either come from or been associated with the NWA, including AEW. This show was approximately a 2 hour weekly pay per view event, costing at the

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