Interview with Chuck Palumbo

Former WWE and WCW star Chuck Palumbo made an appearance on That 90’s Wrestling Podcast to speak with host James about his career. During the interview James asked Palumbo about his relationship with Sean O’Haire and why he didn’t become a bigger star in wrestling?
Comments: Palumbo: Our relationship was excellent , Him and I always got along, We hung out a bit on the road obviously we travelled together on the road a lot, But we weren’t super super super tight but we were buddies you know, Never had any issues with him he was cool with me, He was a bit on the wild side, He had some demons, And I think his biggest struggle was navigating through the business, He was a pretty straight forward guy and he had no time for the B.S that goes on in the business at times, You have to be patient, you have to bite your tongue, you have to be careful who’s feet you step on it’s a touchy business, I mean I don’t know how it is backstage today. But I remember 1st breaking in if you squeezed a guys hand too hard ( I grew up and my dad told me you look a man in the face and give them a firm handshake right, and that’s how I lived my life) and I get to my 1st show with WCW and I was probably giving guys a firm handshake and that was like a no-no okay something that silly, they thought if you grabbed a guys hand and gave it a firm squeeze it meant you was gonna be stiff in the ring and stuff like that, it’s foolish, very foolish, I hope it doesn’t happen today. But to get back to the question Sean had no time for that, he wasn’t gonna put up with that, I think that may of hindered him a bit, because he still had a lot to learn but his god given ability I mean you’ve probably witnessed it yourself right, 6’4, 6’5, 275lbs fantastic athlete, looked the part, just very impressive, very impressive, and that mean aggressive look about him, Yeah he could’ve been, Unfortunately things happened. But he could’ve been that top guy, He had the talent. James also asked Palumbo about the Invasion Angle and if it was a missed opportunity. Palumbo: Missed opportunity yes absolutely, And I mean anyone can quarterback the next day right, but honestly it was the most real time in the business ever right. Because it really happened, there was really a buyout, there was really a big clash of personalities, there was a lot of B.S taking place when the two companies came together right, Some guys got fired, some guys got into fights. There were ego issues of course. A lot of alpha’s right, it’s hard to get them to blend, Anytime you have such a real time in the business, it creates an enormous amount of opportunity and sometimes people can’t see what’s right in front of them, Now who am I to judge Vince (McMahon) or anybody who was in a creative position at that time, I’m really not, it’s not what I do, But it’s pretty obvious there was tons of missed opportunities, tons.

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