Leslie Grace Set to Star as Batgirl


On July 21, 2021, it was announced that star Leslie Grace has been officially announced as Batgirl. The ‘In the Heights” star will be in the upcoming HBO Max film.

Grace Comments:

“I didn’t have a point of reference for anything that’s supposed to happen on a movie set of any scale,” she said. However, she praised the filmmaking team and her co-stars for making her feel comfortable. “I was hyper-aware that I didn’t know anything, but I also knew I was surrounded by greatness. I was always trying to soak it up and ask all the questions because I knew that this is just like an anomaly of experiences to have on a first go-round.”- Grace on first starring role In the Heights (full story variety.com)

The studio has not released any information or comments regarding her role or release date. However, this will be one of the first DC films exclusive to the streaming service HBO Max.

Deadline was reported to be the first site to release the news.

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Courtesy HBO MAX | DC

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