“Gentleman Jack Gallagher” Claims WWE Made Cruiserweight Tag Belts

Miguel Meza

Earlier today, Jack Claffey (FKA Gentleman Jack Gallagher in the WWE) took to Instagram to give some comments about 205 Live following the release of about half of the show’s roster yesterday.

Jack was a main fixture of the program for quite some time during the peak of its talent pool and expressed some sentiment for the amount of hard work he and his fellow cruiserweights put in at that time.

At the time of its height in popularity and depth in 2018, it was widely reported that Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships were expected to debut, only to never surface.

According to Jack, they were in fact, so close that they actually had physical belts made something that comes as a bit of a shocker considering it was only rumored.

This could be confirmation that at one point WWE really believed in the brand, which makes the rumored shut down of 205 Live following those aforementioned releases further disappointing.

For those curious to what they may have looked like, this image was widely circulated as a unconfirmed leaked concept design at the time.

credit: @beltfandan on Twitter

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