Interview with Bronwyne Billington

James from That 90’s Wrestling Podcast.

Asked Bronwyne Billington, daughter of the Dynamite Kid

Tom Billington about his upcoming Darkside of the Ring episode and herself and her mother (Michelle) being part of it. 


It’s a really well-done show and that’s why we agreed to do it, We’ve watched both seasons prior and we absolutely loved the show, So we was like yeah we would absolutely film for my dad’s episode. I was almost depressed leading up to filming it, I don’t know it was just a lot of emotion Like I don’t know? Am I making the right decision, because it’s called “Darkside of the Ring” it’s not all rainbow’s and sunshine, And don’t want to portray my dad in a negative way I was really really nervous about that, but I know my story is mainly positive, and my story is about forgiveness and reconnection, So when we filmed it, I had so much regret like I didn’t say this, or I didn’t say that, But the producers came back and said they were so happy when they was putting it all together, and they was so happy with our interviews, so it made me feel better. It’s just one of those things until you see it you don’t really know, but I did the best I could, and I know I’m gonna be proud of it, and I know they (Darkside) are gonna make it look great. 

During the interview,

Bronwyne also spoke about :

– Dynamite leaving the family. 

-The Hart House. –

Bret Hart And much more. 

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