Space Tea 10: Jack could have fit on the door

Riley Thomas

Alright, so tons to cover because I’m behind due to a hiatus. You didn’t think I’d leave you would I? I have an ultimate tinfoil edition in the works as well, that will come out someday.

This Space Tea is brought to you by Sleepy Pete, or Peter the Sleeper, whatever you want to call him. “Commanders, I see you…yawn in the starports…sneaking up…Yawns on me. I’m wa…tch…zzzzz

Guess he fell asleep mid recording. Oh well. Lets get on with the ton of news, and of course you know the bro squad is going to make an appearance. Man I hate those two with a passion.
First off, let me start by saying this. Although Hadrian Duval was ousted as the Mudhrid NMLA leader, I call bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. The real leader? I’m calling it now, the Bro Squad. Rochester, Archer and Hudson. Yes, that’s right, the federal chump president of the federation that’s a complete and utter failure and his BFF sitting in “Jail”, Jupiter Rochester. The Bro Squad as they will be called from now on. We’ll get to that in a bit though. First we need to get to that bit of news, and it all started on 16 April 3307 with the Neo Marlinists seeking sanctuary at Marlinist colonies.

I have one question.


Why the hell would you allow a self-proclaimed terrorist cell, the NMLA, take asylum with the VERY GROUP that has tried their best to disassociate with them, the Marlinist Refugees. They’re refugees because they broke from the NMLA, and said repeatedly they had nothing to do with it. Yet here they are, bumbling idiots, accepting them back. Sure you can say “Well not all are terrorists” and you’re right. Not all fanatics are terrorists, not all HUMANS are terrorists. But this is different. This is the NMLA. The entire GROUP has claimed to be terrorists…oh I’m sorry, “Activists”. Same thing in this context. But now, either an oversight by FDEV, or some strange plot twist, some are now claiming that not all of the Order of Mudhrid are terrorists, a step back from previous knowledge where they have said they are all terrorists. I’m quite confused by this total 180 in the narrative but, I’m hoping something explaining this sudden policy shift comes out soon. But anyhow, I’m not going to go too much into this because it’s a complete and utter disaster story wise with more plot holes than Titanic. Jack could have fit on that door. Jack. Could have. Fit on. The door. JACK. COULD HAVE…know what, nevermind, let’s move on from this horrible story, the only reason I covered it is because it ties into the next bit.

In the next part of this plot hole ridden story to tie into my theory (This is killing me having to discuss this terrible terrible story arc), four days later, in exchange for revealing the identities of the NMLA leaders, the order of Mudhrid was granted sanctuary in the Marlinist Colonies. Why? Just…why? You keep saying you aren’t terrorists then allow TERRORISTS to seek refuge? So anyways, Imperial Senator Lorcan Scordato was just so happening to be visiting the Colonies on a fact finding mission (Red flag), said that:

“After meeting the Neo-Marlinists and the Marlinist Parliament, I have secured an agreement. The Landgrave of Mudhrid and his inner circle will cooperate fully with ACT to provide details on the senior leadership of the NMLA. In return, they will receive life imprisonment at a local detention facility.”

“The Steel Majesty’s population will undergo security vetting by the Marlinist Constabulary to identify extremists. The remainder will be permitted to remain in the system and apply for citizenship.”

The Steel Majesty is where the NMLA fled to after they were defeated, and yet somehow we never went after it. I guess we should have called this plot hole edition. So while the NMLA were just chilling on a KNOWN MEGASHIP, where was Bro 1, Zachary Hudson? Why didn’t he send his goons after them? He KNEW damn well where they were hiding, but Hudson, as usual, didn’t do jack squat. Once again he had the chance to go after the NMLA and strike at one of their major operations, and yet again he did NOTHING. Hudson knew, he KNEW just like we know Jack could have fit on that door…know what, ok I’m done with that. But he KNEW damn well where the NMLA were hiding, we can scan the wakes of ships that jumped with a simple wake scanner. The smallest non Ship Launched Fighter, the Sidewinder, could even scan for a wake. So you’re telling me when this megaship jumped, Hudson couldn’t drag his fat butt out there and oh I don’t know, scan the MEGASHIP wake to follow them? Any pilot could have done it. My GREAT GRANDFATHER could have done it and he’s been dead for years. Needless to say this is a huge oversight on their part. It’s obvious he just didn’t want to, for what reason? Well, we will get to that in a moment. It ties into this whole Big Brother we’ve discussed before led by who else? Bro 3 of the Bro Squad, Jerome Archer, who spends most of his days on his knees.

See, this “Federal Surveillance” of his has “identified” many terrorists by tapping into citizens every day communications.


If you can coordinate a HUGE bombing of 9 stations with Thargoid enzymes and not get caught, do you really think these terrorists would use open channels to send communications? Would I just randomly call up Captain FlintLock of Flintlock Engineering one day (Shout out to my squad, Aisling’s Angels, of which he’s the lead!) and be like
“Hey man lets go bomb 3 stations today.”

Granted Flint would be like

“Yeah sorry I can’t, working on a new frag cannon upgrade today sorry maybe tomorrow?”

The point is, we wouldn’t use open communications like MORONS. Do you, Commanders, really believe this load of bull? Do you really think that terrorists would use open monitored communications to coordinate things? Hell no! Only idiot amateurs would do such a thing, and that’s likely all they caught, but hey, the Bro Squad claims it’s major terrorists. But then, they sunk to a new low. The lowest thing they’ve done yet. The Bro Squad met with the NMLA leaders, sorry, “NMLA Leaders”, because again, why would the ACTUAL leaders…know what, I’m not even going to go there. The Bro Squad needs to go. Even Shadow President Felecia Winters has said that this surveillance is illegal. On 23 April 3307, I believe at least, that’s when the GalNet came out, she said in an address to Congress that:

“The Federation’s constitution explicitly guarantees citizens the right to data security and privacy. The PDB tramples over this by raiding everyone’s personal communications, casting aside decency and dignity so that algorithms can probe into every aspect of our lives.”

“Furthermore, if ACT’s hypothesis is correct and the NMLA is using an advanced dark-comms network, then the PDB’s existence is baseless and unjustifiable.”

THANK YOU. Finally someone in this damn galaxy has a brain! But then Bro Goon 2 replied with this bunch of crap:

“The Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act is emergency legislation that temporarily suspends constitutional statutes, until we are satisfied that the terrorist threat has been negated.”
“Following the PDB’s success in uncovering extremist groups, we are widening the search parameters to include other related criminal activity.”

Give. Me. A. Break. It was reported that the knees on Archers pants looked a bit worn. I’ll let you figure that one out.
Then, THEN, and this is what infuriates me. Then they went after the absolute failure miserable excuse of a Duval who isn’t even a real Duval, Hadrian. Hadrian Duval, the biggest idiot and disgrace to the entire Duval line, the illegitimate embarrassment. Supposedly Landgrave Delacroix confessed that they transported the bombs under the order of this bumbling idiot who can’t even tie his shoes without help. You talk about a false flag operation here, Hardiman Duval can’t even eat without being told how to, much less mastermind an entire operation! They claimed that he offered political power in return. That right there tells you that this is total and utter BS, as Hadrian has NO political power. He has no power whatsoever, and is barely even a Duval by name. He leads a small faction called Nova Imperium, but that’s about it. He released a statement, probably written by his wife:

“These accusations are completely false. Our political stance is the exact opposite of Marlinism, since we believe in restoring the Empire’s traditions. Nova Imperium forces even fought against the terrorists in Mudhrid, as required by the Treaty of Paresa. As for Lady Astrid being a ‘top NMLA agent’, my wife has been a loyal Imperial Commander since she first piloted a ship.”

The entire GalNet is included below for reference from 25 April 3307 minus the part about no reply from them, as they have since replied:

Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval of Nova Imperium is the mastermind behind the NMLA, according to classified information leaked from within ACT. Independent journalist Flint ‘Firemaker’ Lafosse published the details on the Rewired network: “Hadrian Duval: the illegitimate embarrassment of the Imperial Family, or their secret terrorist nemesis? That’s the story being told by survivors from the Neo-Marlinist Order of Mudhrid, who gave up their secrets to save their own skins. According to my source, Landgrave Delacroix confessed to ACT that his faction transported enzyme bombs and Nova Imperium assassins to their targets on the direct orders of Hadrian Duval, who promised rewards and political power in return. Delacroix also revealed that Hadrian was converted to Neo-Marlinism a year ago by his consort Astrid Minerva, a top NMLA agent. She convinced him that becoming Emperor would be much easier if all the other Duvals were dead! As for the NMLA’s attempt on Hadrian’s life last October, that was faked in order to gain the Imperial Family’s trust. Just another false flag operation – which, as we truth-seekers know, can be found everywhere.” As yet this information has not been verified, and its source remains anonymous.

Exactly. Anonymous. We all know the Bro Squad was behind this, because dethroning the Duvals would be a MASSIVE help to them. Then, while ALL this BS is going on, the Bro Squad really stepped up their big brother initiative, asking pilots to betray everything the Federation stands for like the absolute scumbag he is, wanting them to turn in data to him to further help his little Bro Squad Surveillance Organization. Oh sorry, I mean the PDB. Bro Squad Leader claims:

“The PDB requires access to lesser-known comms channels where terrorists and criminals lurk. Supplying it with data from multiple sources will allow us to root out more potential threats.”

Right. More innocents. But it’s not rooting out the NMLA you notice. No. HIS OWN DAMN CITIZENS are being ousted, not the terrorists. Piece of sh…anyways. Felecia Winters, who I hope to god takes over and kicks the Bro Squad out, has her own counter-campaign that I hope everyone turns in the data to, otherwise you’re just another Bro Squad Goon Traitor. She said:

“My duty is to help citizens preserve their constitutional right to privacy. If enough data can be gathered for baseline testing, we will distribute legal technology and techniques to secure against government intrusion.”

I urge everyone reading this to go to Ito Orital in the Rhea system. If i was in the bubble I’d camp the other place in my corvette and shoot down every traitor passing through. If you side with the Bro Squad, you are a traitor and deserve to be shot down.

As for the Guardian stuff? Not even touching that one, that will be in the tinfoil edition when I get around to it.
So that’s that. The TL;DR, Archers knees are always dirty when coming from Hudson’s office, Duval is a moron and not the lead of the NMLA, and Jack could have fit on the door.

Stay tuned for the next Space Blend soon, featuring one of my favorite streamers, XCosminaX, a fantastic Elite player who can spend an entire stream on 2 jumps and not make it boring. Go follow her now so you can save up for Roxy Cam before she becomes super famous!

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As always, fly safe Commanders

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