Space Tea 8: Hudson and Archer go Big Brother.

Riley Thomas

Hello everyone, welcome to Space Tea cup 8, and I’m dying to get into this week so we’re gonna skip over everything except our sponsorship for this week, Hutton Orbital Mug Company!

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This week we’re going to talk about how the Federations top bimbo’s Hudson and Archer are bringing Big Brother into Elite under the guise of protecting the Federation from the NMLA. They say that it will ” …allow the government to actively seek out any terrorist agents and sympathizers lurking within our communities. We will never again allow so many families and friends to be taken from us.”

They’re calling it the “Domestic Counter-Terrorism Act” and was approved in Congress by a majority vote. Something tells me a lot of money exchanged hands in that one. We already know Hudson is extremely crooked, and now with Jerome Archer by his side, and likely contact with Rochester who is “in jail”, Hudson has really put himself on a pedestal of power it seems like. This is absolutely absurd. This is a blatant abuse of power and taking away the rights of the Federation citizens by basically saying they can listen to everything and anything just for the sake of “protection.” Even Shadow President Felecia Winters agrees with that, saying:

“Nobody wants another ‘Nine Martyrs’, and it’s vital that security is increased across the Federation. But this is an outrageous violation of civil liberties. For this administration to grant itself access to every citizen’s private life makes it resemble a dictatorial regime.”

Exactly. This is overstepping and greed at its finest. I’m pretty sure this is the beginning of Hudson and Archer positioning themselves to stay in power. Just wait. He’s going to use this as some sort of leverage to keep himself in power come election time. This guy, Archer, comes in out of nowhere and his VERY first act is to go all big brother on us. That and the fact that Congress ACTUALLY passed the bill? What? Something is seriously wrong here, something very dirty. Sure he was the head of the FIA, but that doesn’t mean he can just walk in and start surveillance on everyone.

One thing I’m thinking here, in the bigger scope of things. What if they use Core Dynamics surveillance equipment? Who was Core? Jupiter Rochester. Who’s Hudson’s BFF? Rochester. So imagine this. This is pure speculation, but what if they set up this huge surveillance network using Core Dynamics parts. Then Jupiter backdoors a…backdoor…into the system? This would give Rochester the ability to listen to every man, woman, and child in the Federation. This would also give rise to what I said a couple of articles back, a future where Corporations rule the galaxy. Excuse me while I add more red string to the board. Also NO, I am NOT letting go of this connection between these three! There is something going on, something very crooked and deep, and these three men have something to do with it.

On the note of the NMLA and taking action, the Empire seems to have NOT taken action. Both the Alliance AND Federation have gotten on their case about taking more action. They joined ACT, but that was just about it. The Empire has seemingly drug their feet on it and I’m not entirely sure why. The Empire has everything to gain, including the respect of its citizens. Apparently, Eye on Achenar took an opinion poll where a whopping 93% would send a fleet of Majestic warships over to take out the NMLA rather than “some soft-hearted senator.” This is really weird because if the Empire doesn’t get involved against the NMLA, that’s going to throw the entire ACT out of whack. The whole reason ACT was made was so the THREE Powers could stand united against a common enemy, but the Empire, for whatever reason, isn’t. There’s no reason for them not to, that we know of right now. I don’t even have a speculation as to why they aren’t joining it. Something is happening behind the scenes, and I’m curious as to what.
As for the Federation, though? If no one hears from me in the next few weeks, know that Archer and Hudson got to me.

Sorry for the super short Space Tea this week, I haven’t felt the greatest, and a lot has been going on, and I have a super good interview with MalForTheWin coming out this week! In 2 weeks we’ll talk to Psykit, and next month, the person who got me into all this interviewing, the Living Legend herself, Commander Commander Fembot. Why two “Commanders?” We don’t know, the game likes to call her Commander Commander for whatever reason.

This week’s Space Tea shoutouts go to:

CrispyTaytortot, who managed to break Alpha multiple times while streaming the other day, getting out of a ship without a helmet, got a ship when ships aren’t supposed to be available yet, and probably sent fdev a number of reports that left them going “Damnit Crispy…”

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