NWA Back for the attack ppv (2021) review

Miguel Meza

There were a lot of questions in the air for the fans of the recently resurgent NWA as the COVID crisis hit the independent federation hard. Many talents were signed to AEW or WWE, with major players like Ricky Starks, Eli Drake, and Wade Barrett being gone from production. Luckily, the NWA came back with a flurry of good matches in a great comeback for the company with this past weekend’s PPV Back For The Attack.

Slice Boogie defeated Crimson, Jax Dane, and Jordan Clearwater

The opening contest was a relatively standard four-way affair that told the story of a few guys trying to take this opportunity and go forward. Out of everyone, Jordan Clearwater stood out as a gem as he moved very smoothly and felt like the wrestler who took advantage of the match type to show off his agility and in-ring prowess. Crimson and Jax played their powerhouse roles quite well, but it seemed like the smaller competitors had more to work with as the match was quickly paced.


Tyrus defeated JR Kratos

In what was supposed to be a big-hoss fight, the audience was treated to an odd match that featured Kratos getting most of the offense in on Tyrus throughout the 7-minute match as all he really had in terms of moves was a missed big belly splash and a running elbow (which got him a 3-count) in the match. Overall, this was a good showing from Kratos but Tyrus looked gassed and slow by the climax of this short bout.


Elijah Burke (c) drew with Thom Latimer

Singles match for the TV Championship

A match with almost no build, Elijah “The Pope” Burke had an outstanding draw with Thom Latimer. The bout seemed like a way to boost Latimer as a singles competitor, and he looked like money out there. In fact, there were times where Latimer straight up did not sell some moves. The draw finish was brilliant however, as the rules of the TV title add for this interesting possibility and in this case, we can expect nothing but great things from both wrestlers.


Kamille defeated Thunder Rosa

The women’s division in NWA has been depleted, but it does not mean that the newcomer Kamille cannot make her stamp as a dominant wrestler. Thunder Rosa put her over and made her look like a million bucks, but that should not take away from the fact that Kamille has become a solid worker and a name to watch in the future. The match was not super technical or very lengthy, but they showed off their holds and exchanged maneuvers in a way that Kamille was able to come out as a true star.


Trevor Murdoch (c) defeated Chris Adonis           

Singles Match for the National Championship

Match of the night goes to Trevor Murdoch and Chris Adonis. Murdoch proves that he is the true engine that runs the entire NWA roster underneath as a workhorse that can put on a great match with anyone. Consistent and surprisingly agile, Murdoch was able to match up well with the strength and constant submission attempts of Adonis, as the two used their 8 minutes to truly make each other look great. Afterwards, we got more story as Adonis would attack Murdoch. Just classic wrestling, with classic storytelling making for a classic moment.


Nick Aldis (c) defeated Aron Stevens      

The main event of the evening was a great tribute to the late Josephus as Nick Aldis and Aron Stevens had a clean-cut matchup that was just the kind of elevation that Stevens needed. As a gifted talker and developed character, Stevens has all the makings to be a consistent figure in the main event scene. However, Nick Aldis was on his usual form and just looks like a league above Stevens. This is the kind of good booking that has kept the NWA championship feeling special, and this match was another classic to add.


Overall Show Grade: 7.9/10

There is a lot to like about the way that the NWA came back and utilized their roster to their best benefit. The wrestlers on the payroll seemed to want to use every precious second to do their best and the hard work from some of the newer talents really shined through while the veterans held it down on the higher card segments. This is a definitely big recommendation for any wrestling fan and in the midst of a pandemic, it’s a shining beacon of hope for the NWA and its loyal fans.

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