Space tea cup 7: The Halsey Takeover

Riley Thomas

Space Tea cup 7: The Halsey takeover

Welcome to Space Tea cup 7. This week’s space tea is brought to you by our new logo designer Circe who can be found at and my good friend CrackedEggGaming’s blog that she badly needs to update and she also needs to come back to Elite,
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He actually told me that on twitter. Jerk. I mean just look at that face. The smugness on it. He’s such…such…a damn good engineer.

This week there wasn’t a whole lot of news. We’re not going to touch on the Valkyrie because as of right now nothing is known, I even pushed this back a day to see if something new would come of it, but with the Odyssey Alpha release coming out next week I wasn’t expecting much. Basically it’s a ship that was abducted apparently on a mission, that’s all we know. I’m sure by the time this is written more will happen, we’ll cover that next week.

Jerome Archer, who was a former director of the FIA, had a career in law enforcement and was the secretary of security under the current regime. Not much is known beyond this about him, but he did have this to say to congress:

“My primary focus in this office will be to increase security throughout the Federation. I vow to build vigilance into the fabric of our society, and prevent such atrocities from ever happening again.”

Sure Jerome. I don’t have much faith considering you were appointed by Jupiter’s bestie. But moving on.

Artist concept of Jamina, found on the FDev forums, by user Rubbernuke

This is where things get interesting. You remember Jasmina Halsey right? Former head of the Federation before she went missing with Starship One? Well, she is now the “Ambassador” to the Alliance. Right. Sure. We know this is leading up to her becoming the head of the Federation again. With the airhead that is currently in office, and his public opinion through the floor along with some players, myself included, thinking that he’s part of the whole terrorist bombing and part of the NMLA, it’s not far fetched to think that he could be removed from office with the next round of elections. Considering that since he was a lowly Shadow President he was moving to dethrone Jasmina Halsey, I mean really, you think he wasn’t part of the whole incident of Starship One with his bff Jupiter? That being said, it’s strongly believed that Halsey would be the next replacement if she ran for office. Halsey was hailed as a great president, while the current bumbling president can barely tie his own shoe without help from a Rochester.

FDevs concept art from patch 2.2 introducing the Guardian Ruins for the first time.

Halsey is a bit of an enigma, and an interesting one. She is believed to have met with the Guardians or another unknown alien species at one point after her time in space after Rochester and Hudson conspired to blow up Starship One. No, sorry, I will not let go of that, I’m convinced of it and will remain so until proven 100% otherwise. But Halsey was lost in space for awhile, and in that time, she saw something, met someone, or something, beyond our realm of understanding in the months she was floating in space. When interviewed about it, it was said:

“Starship One’s destruction transformed Halsey – something that she herself could not possibly have planned. Her subsequent ‘visions’ made her politically toxic, at least as far as the Federation was concerned, allowing her to simply walk away from presidential life. In that escape pod, she escaped from more than an exploding ship – she escaped her previous self. Halsey made extraordinary claims of encountering super-intelligent beings and seeing paradise. Whether she is a visionary, a lunatic or a brilliant political manipulator remains to be seen.”

The visions they speak of were from Halsey’s own mouth, as she said of her time in the escape pod:

“It was wonderful. Amazing. I saw the universe, and our galaxy within it, as I’d never seen it before, and I felt the presence of the real caretakers of our galaxy. The paradox of their existence – tiny yet gargantuan, fleeting yet eternal. They spoke to me as I drifted in the void. It was amazing. I must share their message.”

As well as a statement in Sep 3302:

“I saw a place of extraordinary beauty. A paradise. It was truly wonderful. This was no dream – it was a glimpse of something very real. We must find this place. It could be our future.”

I’m all for the belief she’s trying to get her Presidency back. I think this has been a strategic plan from the start to get herself back in power. I think this has been a slow burn trap by her to get control once more of the federation. The pieces are slowly moving into place, and Halsey is maneuvering herself back into position to take over. She would be a lot better choice than the current bumbling fool that’s in office now. But there’s still that little bit about her in Witch Space and how she changed after Starship One.
Now, Starship One was covered in the first Space Tea, and for the longest time Jasmina was shunned by the mega powers, except the Alliance, who saw some truths in her crazy rantings. It’s believed that she saw the depths of Witch Space, and the aliens, yes, Aliens with an S, that resided there. Now we know the Thargoids use Witch Space and may even reside there, but lately there have been rumblings that the Guardians also live there. Or lived. We know that the sentient AI wiped them out, but there have been thoughts that perhaps they are not totally gone, but hiding in Witch Space, regrouping for an eventual return. We also know Thargoids are extremely aggressive and give no craps about anyone, so we can surmise from that bit of information that Jasmina did not talk to them. If not them, then who? The Guardians are supposedly wiped out. So let’s say they are. Let’s say they’re totally gone, the Thargoids exterminate…Exterminate…EXTER…sorry, committed genocide and they are fully gone, only for speculation purposes, I’m not saying they are nor do I believe they are, but for the sake of this article lets say they are. The Thargoids wont talk to her. That leaves an undiscovered race. But that’s not the most interesting part of this.


So Halsey comes back and is babbling on about how she “talked to aliens” and everyone was all haha yeah right you’re nuts. The Alliance Prime Minister takes her in. He believed her. When everyone else was laughing at her he believed her. Then suddenly, she’s one of the most trusted people in the Federation. After everyone said she was stark raving mad. Perhaps when the Thargoids started laying waste to everything they realized she wasn’t as crazy as they thought. On another note that several sources say is ‘unrelated’, but I disagree, I think it’s very related, there’s the little matter of May 3301.

So May 26 3301 is when Starship One was declared lost, but also in May of 3301 Canonn Group accused the Federation about withholding information about some recently discovered Alien Artifacts from the Pleiades Sector. While the federation didn’t comment on it, this sort of adds to the whole Halsey discovered an alien race theory to me. Maybe not to others, but hey I see a possible connection. Anyways I could go on and on and on about Halsey and her motives, but let’s wait and see what happens.

In another interesting related twist, it seems she’s replacing a Rochester. Now this is curious. Jupiter’s brother, who we briefly touched on as being previously engaged to Space Princess Aisling Duval, has been seemingly replaced with Halsey? How curious. We’re definitely keeping an eye on this one.

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