NG’s NXT UK February. 25, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking


First NXT UK Women’s Match Stimulation the Loser must become the others personal assistant for one month Xia Brookside v.s Nina Samuels

Brookside and Nina Samuels strikes back and forth.  Brookside strikes to Nina Samuels on the outside.  Nina Samuels kicks Brookside into bags on the outside.  Nina Samuels kicks Brookside.  Nina Samuels slams down Brookside.  Nina Samuels rear chin lock on Brookside.  Nina Samuels body scissors then transitioning into a hammerlock on Brookside.   similar to the Fujiwara Armbar. 

Brookside strikes Nina Samuels.  Brookside neck breaker on Nina Samuels.  Brookside with a baseball slide on Nina Samuels.  Brookside kicks Nina Samuels on the outside.  Nina Samuels drives Brookside into the barricade on the outside and throws her into it.

Brookside bridging pin on Nina Samuels. 

Brookside defeats Nina Samuels which makes her Brooksides Personal Assistant for a month.

Hell of an NXT UK Women’s Match.

Video Of Trent Sevens Cruiserweight journey. 

Backstage Ilja Dragunov talks about his match with Tyson T-Bone.  Sam Gradwell wants to Face Ilja Dragunov in a match next week.  

Next week NXT UK Women’s Match NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray v.s Challenger Meiko Satomura.

Second NXT UK Match Bailey Matthews v.s Tyler Bate

Matthews headscissors on Bate.  Bate simple side headlock on Matthews.  Matthews simple wrist lock on Bate.  Damn Matthews impressive with a stand Three-Quarter Nelson aka Cravat on Bate.  Matthews Grovet on Bate.  Bate and Matthews forearms back and forth. Matthews gut-wrench suplex on Bate.  Matthews and Bate forearms back and forth again.  Bate Exploder Suplex on Matthews.  

Bate standing moonsault on Matthews.  Bate Airplane Spin on Matthews.  Matthews forearms to Bate.  Bate rolling kick to Matthews.  Bate Tyler Driver 97 on Matthews. Bate pins Matthews. 

Bate beats Matthews.

Awesome NXT UK Match.

Video of a new wrestler Holy Shit! No way Devan Edecek or Teoman It’s Lucky Kid he’s awesome I loved him on the UK and European and German Wrestling indy scene He was a Heel I couldn’t help but enjoy.  He was in a tag team with Tarkan Aslan The Young Lions. Another great German Wrestler to NXT UK Can’t wait for his debut.

Video of Joseph Conners and Piper Niven looks for Jinny but Jinny attacks her.  Niven wants a match with Jinny and Joseph Conners and chooses Jack Starz as her partner she tells Sid Scala to make the the match.

Third NXT UK Women’s Match Lana Austin v.s Aoife Valkyrie 

Valkyrie holy Fuck simple wrist lock on Austin.  Valkyrie kicks Austin.  Austin basement dropkick on Valkyrie.  Valkyrie strikes and beck breaker on Austin.  Valkyrie step-up enziguri on Austin.  Valkyrie Spinning Heel Kick on Austin.  Valkyrie Top Rope Peripeteia on Austin.  Valkyrie pins Austin. 

Valkyrie beats Austin.

Awesome NXT UK Women’s Match 

In two weeks Dave Mastiff v.s Tyler Bate.

In two weeks first mixed-tag match in NXT UK Jinny and Joseph Conners v.s Piper Niven and Jack Starz.

Brookside backstage with Nina Samuels carrying her Bags.

Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams backstage and next week Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter will face Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.  

Video of NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray and Challenger Meiko Satomura.

Fuck Yeah next Week Supernova Sessions Host Noam Dar with special guest Tyler Bate.  

Fourth NXT UK Tag Team Championship Main Event Match Gallus NXT UK Tag Team Champions Wolfgang and Mark Coffey v.s Challengers Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley

Stoker tags in Howley.  Mark Coffey tags in Wolfgang.  Wolfgang tags in Mark Coffey.  Howley strikes Mark Coffey.  Howley tags in Stoker.  Stoker tags in Howley.  Mark Coffey tags in Wolfgang.  Wolfgang tags in Mark Coffey.  Wolfgang and Mark Coffey Cornish Tilts on Howley.  Howley Hip toss on Mark Coffey. Mark Coffey tags in Wolfgang.  

Wolfgang forearms to Howley.  Howley knee in the corner on Wolfgang.  Howley tags in Stoker.  Wolfgang strikes Stoker.  Wolfgang throws Stoker.  Stoker knee to Wolfgang.  Howley on the outside pushes Wolfgang into the ring post. Stoker tags in Howley.  Howley and Stoker double backbreakers to Wolfgang.  Howley tags in Stoker.  Stoker strikes Wolfgang.  Stoker tags in Howley.  Stoker tags in.  Stoker running elbow in the corner on Wolfgang.

Howley tags in.  Wolfgang strikes Stoker on the ring apron. Howley knees in the corner on Wolfgang.  Wolfgang top rope splash on Howley.  Stoker tagged in. Howley tagged in. Mark Coffey tagged in.  Mark Coffey uranage on Howley.  Mark Coffey suplex on Stoker. Mark Coffey uppercut in the corner on Howley.  Mark Coffey clothesline in the corner on Howley.  Mark Coffey bulldog from the middle rope on Howley.  Mark Coffey side Russian leg sweep on Howley Stoker tagged in.

Mark Coffey kicks Stoker.  Mark Coffey Belly to back suplex on Stoker.  Howley tagged in.  Howley kicks Mark Coffey.  Stoker gutbuster on Mark Coffey.  Mark Coffey enziguri on Howley.  Wolfgang tagged in.  Wolfgang Double Leg Catapult on Howley.  Mark Coffey Samoan Drop to Howley.  Wolfgang middle rope Moonsault on Howley.  Mark Coffey Chokeslam on the ring apron on the outside to Stoker.  

Wolfgang Spear on Howley.  Mark Coffey tagged in. Howley strikes Mark Coffey.  Holy Shit Howley with a insane elbow sending Wolfgang over the barricade on the outside.  Stoker tagged in. Stoker Codebreaker Innovation on Mark Coffey.  Stoker tornado ddt on Mark Coffey on the NXT UK Tag Team Title.  Howley tagged in.  Stoker Spinebuster on Mark Coffey Howley Neckbreaker on Mark Coffey they call it Still Milk.  Howley pins Mark Coffey.

Pretty Deadly Stoker and Howley New NXT UK Tag Team Champions defeat dethrone the former Champions Gallus Wolfgang and Mark Coffey.  

Yes Boy! 

Hell Of an NXT UK Tag Team Championship Main Event Match

Awesome NXT UK Episode.  

Fantasy Booking It’s either going to be Rampage Brown Ilja Dragunov A-Kid or Lucky Kid to dethrone Walter The United Kingdom Champion have a fatal four-way number one contender match if it comes to them.

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