Space Tea cup 5: The Adamastor and Hesperus mystery

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It’s that time again. Space Tea cup 5 is coming at you today, and today we have something interesting to look at. No we’re not going to even talk about the joke of a “galactic summit” where our news is “Aisling looked angry” and “Mahon can’t shut his fat mouth” and “Kaine ate a sandwich”. Ok we’ll touch on ONE bit of it, but today we’re going to mostly look at the Adamastor, and the newly discovered sister ship, the Hesperus.

Todays tea has been replaced by coffee, Highlander Grogg to be specific. Coffee, when tea’s caffeine just isn’t going ot cut it that day.

Around Halloween of our 2020 and Elite’s 3306, FDev launched a Halloween event, that sort of fell flat but was interesting nonetheless. The ghost ship Adamastor mysteriously appeared in orbit of a planet in the Chukchan system. It was badly damaged, and had a ton of battle damage. It’s believed it was one of the first Thargoid contacts, approximately 200 years ago, which would have been around 3106. Officially, her launch date was October, 3111. She was a massive Science Vessel, officially classified as a Lowell Class Science Vessel Megaship, owned by Azimuth Biochemicals. She was send from the Chukchan system to an unknown location. It’s believed she was sent to an area we call Bernard’s Loop. But for some reason, she received some new orders as she stopped at a listening post in Synuefe XE-Y c17-7. The system is only 365 LY from us, about 10 jumps for a ship with a mid jump range. A single jump for a carrier. But they didn’t have that max range jump technology back in 3111, so it would have been a longer journey. The drives they used were called quirium drives, and had a very limited jump range and only a very brief hyperspace window. It depended on a lot of satellites, listening posts, stations, etc., to jump reliably. But the creator, GalCop, dissolved in 3174, just under 50 years from when the sister ships took off. The odd thing is, the route was a total 180 from the route they were traveling, 616 LY in the OPPOSITE direction. But there’s no known record of her jumping from Synuefe to the Coalsack, but she would have had to stop a lot for updated navigation from the system mentioned. But where did they end up? Right smack into the Coalsack nebula. What’s in the Coalsack? Thargoids. Lots of Thargoids. When I jumped into the system, out of the 60 signals or so I detected, 3/4 were Thargoid. Food for thought there. Coalsack is also where they’re attempting to terraform Amonia based worlds. Thargoid worlds. So we know they thrive in that area of space.

The Adamastor as seen today parked in orbit inside the planetary rings in the Chukchan system.

We only have six logs for the Adamaster, the launch from Chukchan on October 26 3111, trhe erased log from two days later, a log from the 29th at Synuefe XE-Y c17-7 3, which is where she received her orders to do an about face and head to Musca. Then things get interesting. The log from October 31, 3111, the very next day, the location reported was HIP 69200 1 B, where she reported massive failures. The hyperdrive malfunctioned, something went wrong with the security system. Professor Carver broke into a sidewinder and escaped. We were told the crew evacuated, and the hyperdrive then failed, despite one of the logs saying the hyperdrive was “coming back online”. The ship then made an emergency return to Chukchan, at sub light presumably. No one heard from her until October 29, 3306 when she returned and was towed into orbit. No survivors were found, the ship empty, all data erased, including her identification. All we know is a fight broke out of some sorts down in the Coalsack and that was sort of the last we heard of her.

But now something new has come up. Something no one really saw coming.

A Thargoid ship, up close and personal. The Morse code in the bottom right reads “Hesperus”.

She apparently had a sister ship. The Hesperus. We found it on this picture from Fdev on their twitter with the mores code in the bottom right that simply says “Hesperus”. The inclusion of a Thargoid ship on it, makes you wonder. Do the Thargoids have her? Did they find her? The search is on for the ghost ship, with a galnet article going up today about it as well. It stands to reason that the Thargoids could have found her, and she’s been floating in witch space. The question is, DO they have her, and if not, where has she been? There haven’t been a whole lot of clues as of yet, but people are out there trying to find her. With the entire crew and all escape pods, as well as the airlocks all gone, one has to wonder, will the same fate be had with the Hesperus? Or will we find something more dark and sinister aboard her? Time will tell. Good luck finding her, Commanders. One interesting note is, the Thargoid narrative is picking up again. With the Hesperus appearing in the same picture with a Thargoid ship one can only wonder…will we finally see a Thargoid mother ship? Time will tell…

Let’s switch gears a bit and move onto a bit of the conference I want to touch on. The Declaration of Archon Delaine.

Archon Delaine, image from, author unknown.

Who is Archon Delaine? He is the Pirate King, so to speak. Delaine is the leader of a large faction of pirates that hold several systems called the Kumo Crew. They are the most influential criminal syndicates in the bubble. Back in 3264 he siezed control of the Kumo Pirates from the previous pirate lord in 3264, taking them from a band of rag tag mercs to a full fledged Pirate faction. He is fearsome and has taken on any challenge presented to him, and won. Every time. While they rule through fear as most Warlords do, he also rules with strict tribute rules. If you don’t pay tribute, he will enact the five stripping’s on the colony, and they are brutal. They are:

So what did the most wanted man in the galaxy doing at the galactic summit? He wants the Kumo Crew’s territories as a new nation. One that would have to be officially recognized by the Factions, and that’s something most council members aren’t willing to do. I, however, personally believer he should be. He’s worked hard to establish all this, and not a single member of the power play factions can say they’re innocent. As Grinning_Crow once said, “No one in Elite is innocent.”. Delaine even said this in his speech to the council, which drew the ire of many delegates, making some even walk out.
“Most of you see me as a common criminal, rather than the rightful ruler of multiple systems. That must end now! My efforts to build a Kumo nation deserve respect. I am here to declare my sovereignty and take my rightful place on the political stage.”

Aisling Duval 3d fan art from Reddit

When Anime Princess and princess heart throb and the target of many Elite players affections Aisling Duval said it was a mockery to nobility (As if she’s one to talk, read about her wanting her cousin who’s not even part of the royal family made a royal), Delaine had this powerful statement to say, and man, was it ever a powerful statement:
“Are you all so innocent, then? Every civilization begins with barbarism, and maintains authority with the threat of violence. None of you can say otherwise. We all wear a crown of bones.”

Delaine can not be removed from the delegation, as he is under full diplomatic immunity via the Summit’s rules of Sirius’ promise of neutrality. This will be a very, very interesting development, and I would like to see what happens with this. Personally, Delanie has impressed me by building his empire from nothing to where he is now. It’s quite the rise to power, and Delaine should be commended for it.

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