NG’s NXT UK February. 11, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking


Video of Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews where they took out Wild Boar.  

First NXT UK Women’s Match The White Witch Of NXT UK Isla Dawn v.s Debuting The Best In The World The Final Boss Meiko Satomura 

Satomura kicks to Dawn.  NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray watching.  Dawn strikes to Satomura. Satomura strikes then spinning heel kick to Dawn.  Beautiful Fucking Simple Wristlock by Satomura on Dawn. Dawn bridging fishermen suplex on Satomura.  Dawn kicks and knees to Satomura. Dawn double knees to Satomura.  

Satomura top superplex on Dawn.  Satomura spinning kick to Dawn.  Dawn high angle side suplex backdrop driver aka Saito suplex on Satomura.  Satomura and Dawn strikes back and forth.  Satomura spinning heel kick then ddt and knee to Dawn.  Satomura Scorpio Rising on Dawn.  Satomura pins Dawn.  

Satomura defeats Dawn.  

Hell Of a NXT UK Women’s Debut Match.  

Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey are told by Johnny Saint that their match is next week. 

Video of Dani Luna shown.  

Video of Aoife Valkyrie shown.  

Satomura backstage says she’s ready for NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray.

Fuck Yeah Super Nova 11 Sessions Host Scottish Super Nova Noam Dar special Guest The East End Butcher Sha Samuels. 

Sha Samuels says half the roster wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him.  Sid Scala interrupts Dar tells him he can’t be gallivanting and making matches it’s an interview segment Dar proposes to Scala Sha Samuels v.s A-Kid for the Heritage Cup Championship Scala says he’ll talk to Johnny Saint about it.  

Also, Dar and Sha Samuels both were going to tell past stories and how they’re best mates but it wasn’t appropriate.  

I loved this Super Nova Sessions.  

Nina Samuels accepts Xia Brooksides Rematch but with the stipulation if Brookside loses she becomes Nina Samuels’s personal assistant for one whole month.  

Video of Trent Sevens’ journey to lose weight to get to two hundred and five pounds to become a cruiserweight and face NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin.  

Second NXT UK Women’s Match French Hope Amale v.s Piper Niven 

Niven cross body to Amale.  Joseph Conners comes out.  Amale strikes Niven in the corner.  Amale running kick aka facewash in the corner to Niven.  Niven strikes then headbutts Amale.  Niven cannonball in the corner to Amale.  Niven Piper Driver on Amale.  Niven pins Amale.  

Niven beats Amale.  

Awesome NXT UK Women’s Match.  

Video shown  Gallus NXT UK Tag Team Champions Wolfgang and Mark Coffey signed the contracts to face Number One Contenders Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley in Two Weeks time.  

Ben Carter in action next week.  

Sha Samuels v.s A-Kid for a The NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship next week.

Joe Coffey v.s Rampage Brown next week.  

Third NXT UK Tornado Tag Team Main Event Street Fight Match Primate and The Swansea Savant Eddie Dennis v.s The Modfather Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews.  

Primate and Dennis are beating down Andrews and Webster backstage.  Andrews put through a table then hit with a steel case by Primate and Dennis.  Webster and Dennis strikes back and forth.  Webster reverse ddt on Dennis.  Webster dropkick to Dennis.  

Webster running pump kick to Primate on the outside.  Dennis hits Webster with a belt on the outside.  Primate slams down Webster on the outside.  Holy Shit Andrews Moonsault from twenty feet in the air on Dennis and Primate.  Webster Dennis Primate Andrews all brawl it out.  Webster sends Dennis into the steel post on the outside.  Webster senton off the ring apron to the outside on Dennis.  

Primate from the barricade on the outside flying clothesline on Andrews.  Andrews Dennis Primate Webster all hit with steel chairs.  Webster hits Dennis with his helmet.  Webster headbutts Primate.  Dennis hits Webster with a kendo stick.  Andrews enziguri on Dennis.  Andrews Stundog Millionaire on Dennis.  Primate from the outside hits Andrews off the top rope with a kendo stick.  Dennis slams the knee of Andrews on a Steel chair.  

Webster enziguri from the ring apron on Dennis. Webster from the second rope moonsault on Dennis and Primate.  Webster clotheslines to Primate Webster second rope missile dropkick to Dennis. Webster springboard dropkick to Dennis falling to the outside. Damn Webster running knee to Primate.  Andrews powerbomb from the outside on Primate.  Webster and Andrews hit Dennis with kendo sticks. Primate German suplex on the outside to Andrews.  

Webster top rope Senton aka Shadows Over Malice to Dennis. Primare exploder suplex in the corner on Webster.  Primate Spear on Andrews.  Webster top rope hurricanrana on Dennis.  Primate crashes into a Table.  Andrews top rope Shooting Star Press on Primate Webster top rope Senton on Dennis.  Andrews pins Primate 

Andrews and Webster beat Dennis and Primate.

Hell Of a Brutal NXT UK Tornado Tag Team Street Fight Main Event Match.  

Another awesome episode of NXT UK.

Fantasy Booking Rampage Brown will defeat Joe Coffey.

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