Space tea, cup 4. Summits, outbursts, and thargoids, oh myyy

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Space Tea cup 4:

Welcome to Space Tea, cup 4. This week we’re going to have some Raspberry Zinger, as we’re going to need a little pick me up for the absolute insanity that is the Galactic Summit, because holy space balls, it’s insane. Sadly however FDev only gave us tidbits and nothing I can really report on and expand on as most is just little things, so at the end we’re going to have a campfire tin foil hat chat about Jameson’s crash site.

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So this week has been chaotic with the galactic summit. It seems that tensions are high, and the gloves are off of everyone. Even the news agency’s are very harshly judging the Summit and some of it’s participants, including more lies from Kaine, Mahon making an idiot of himself, nothing new there, and some support for the dimwitted president as well from Sol Today, clearly biased. We’re going to take a few of the quotes published on 01 March 3307 and break them down a bit, and speculate on what might be going on, as we, as players, have no idea besides these snippets. The journalists are at Patterson Enterprise in the Sirius system, and the following was said:

The Imperial Herald: “Minister Whyte’s claim that the Empire had fomented terrorism by repressing Marlinism was somewhat predictable. But nobody expected Princess (Aisling) Duval’s icy retort, which caused shocked gasps across the chamber.”

We’re not sure what Princess Duval had to say, but it’s not usually like her to break like this from what we know about her. But she helps the Marlinist Refugees, the non Marlinist terrorists, and for Minister Whyte to claim that all Marlinists are terrorists, well we can see why Princess Duval would be angry. She has worked hard to work to ensure the safety of the Marlinist Refugees.

The Alliance Tribune: “The conference’s hosts were visibly embarrassed by Councilor Kaine’s claims that Coalsack Nebula terraforming projects had triggered recent Thargoid attacks. Shockingly, several delegates dismissed this as an internal matter for the Alliance.”

I’ve said it before, Kaine is a compete and utter moron. Kaine is incompetent, and I still feel is responsible partly for Starship One. Kaine is dim-witted and dull brained, and this proves it further. The terraforming projects of course did cause Thargoid attacks. Any schoolchild would know this as Kaine is in the Coalsack Nebula, Thargoid space. They are terraforming Amonia based worlds, which Thargoids live on. So basically, Kaine is talking about terraforming the worlds the Thargoids live on, and I don’t know about you, but if someone tried to terraform MY planet, I’d be a bit angry too. The fact that Kaine has to say this PAINFULLY obvious statement lead to further proof that Kaine should not be elected this cycle for the Alliance, and continues to prove his dimwittedness.

The Federal Times: “Chancellor Blaine’s stonewalling on the co-funding of humanitarian aid brought a rare flash of anger from Felicia Winters: ‘Maybe the Emperor’s puppet could loosen a few strings?’”

Chancellor Blaine, who is part of the Empire, is stonewalling humanitarian aid. This is not right. Even in 3307 idiots are trying to stop humanitarian aid. The thing about this statement is, we don’t know what kind of aid and to who, but I have to believe it’s the Marlinist refugees, as they’re the ones recently in need of the aid, as set up by Aisling Duval. The fact that he’s attempting to cease this aid, and raising the ire of former president and current Shadow President Felecia Winters, well, Winters is not one I would want to cross.

The Sovereign: “Despite Prime Minister Mahon exaggerating the benefits of Alliance membership, several independent ambassadors complained about its incomprehensible bureaucracy, saying it would be less damaging to declare war against the Alliance than join it.”

Oh Mahon, you blundering idiot. I can’t tell in this statement if Mahon or someone else mentioned war with the alliance, but if you’re in Mahon’s position? You need to sit back and shut up. Mahon has the lowest public opinion he ever has right now due to his continued pushing back on the Alliance election. Why he’s pushing for Alliance membership is unknown, unless they mean pushing more factions into joining? But it can only be thought that he’s doing it to try to cover up once again the fact that he has low approval and is up for re-election. The election that he pushed back, and caused a lot of civil unrest over. Considering that he’s going to most definitely lose this election at this rate, his running his mouth isn’t good for either side of the coin on at this point. Mahon needs to sit back and shut up and focus on fixing his image if he wants to overthrow Kaine as top runner.

A representative from Sirius corporation however, said that the Galactic Summit was “Going well.”

Sure it is.

Onto some good news on the Summit, on March 03, 3307 Vox Galactica said that some interesting things were actually happening at the Summit. While most was boring drab, one thing caught my attention.

The Cornelius-Lasky Convention.

What is this you may ask? It’s an agreement between all three super powers to share any information on any large scale threats to civilians, including environmental, medical, and most interesting of them all, xenological. That means Thargoids. Which brings the question, what role are the Thargoids playing right now?
They’re not actively attacking us, and right now would be a great time to move in and attack us, again, while everyone is in one location, but they’re sitting back buying their time it seems. Makes you wonder, what’s going on with them? Where are they? What are they doing?

Thargoid Medusa Interceptor, absolutely beautiful.

What we know of them is frankly a lot less than we’d like to think. We have no idea what they look like, we know the ships are biological, but we’re not sure if there’s a smaller pilot inside, much like Farscape, or if they’re self-sustaining. Sure we can cam in but that doesn’t tell us anything, just what FDev put in and didn’t put in. We do know, however, that one man was inside the ship. Not just any Thargoid ship, THE Thargoid ship. The mother of all ships. While not specifically called a “Hive Ship”, Jameson calls it such. I wonder if the Thargoids are more like The Borg, a single cohesive unit with one Queen? It’s currently believed that there are multiple “factions” of them, but that’s something I don’t know anything about. Yet. I plan to look into it. I won’t go too much into the utter bull that happened to Jameson and the blatant sabotage, I highly suggest you go to his crash site at HIP 12099 planet 1. Bring a surface scanner to find it easier, and some tissues.

But what’s interesting here isn’t what’s in the logs, but what is NOT. Jameson talks about fighting bugs before, but never more than one at once. He mentions a hive ship, and taking out it’s FTL. This here is interesting. Could this hive ship be a Thargoid Mother Ship that houses an entire civilization? Think of it like Independence Day ,where they go into the UFO and there’s an entire empire inside. But Jameson just says he goes in, masked his heat signature, and gets close to a super structure. He again mentioned that it was a hive ship, and how smart and advanced they are, but he never talks about what was inside the ships. Sadly however, they lied to Jameson, and they basically had him commit genocide, or attempt to. Jameson basically was a Guinea pig that escalated the entire war to what it is today.

Jameson’s crash site.

Just some food for thought, as this was a fairly slow news week that told us diddly squat about the Summit aside from some snippets, another poor Community goal of overpowered ships, and a very strange mention of the Thargoids that seemed sort of out of place. As the Summit goes on, maybe FDev will give us actual information instead of really poorly placed snippets that made no sense in the context. Hopefully next week provides us with some actual news, and if we’re lucky, maybe the Thargoids will strike.

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