NG’s NXT UK January. 14, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking


First NXT UK Match Gallus Leader The Iron King Joe Coffey v.s Ed Harvey aka Sha Samuels debut which I have seen wrestle before. 

Harvey with a scoop slam on Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey hurricanrana on Harvey.  Joe Coffey clotheslines Harvey over the top rope sending him landing to the outside.  Joe Coffey strikes Harvey off the ring apron.  Harvey takes the mic and says he didn’t come here to be Ed Harvey he’s Sha Samuels.  Sha Samuels spine buster on Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey strikes Sha Samuels. Joe Coffey Belly to belly suplex on Sha Samuels.  

Joe Coffey uppercuts to Sha Samuels.  Sha Samuels slams down Joe Coffey. Sha Samuels with the sleeper hold on Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey top rope crossbody on Sha Samuels.  Joe Coffey forearms and headbutts Sha Samuels.  Joe Coffey Glasgow Sendoff Spear in the corner on Sha Samuels. Joe Coffey Alls Best For The Bells Discus Lariat on Sha Samuels.  Joe Coffey pins Sha Samuels.  

Joe Coffey Defeats Sha Samuels. 

Awesome NXT UK Match.  

Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley ask about facing NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus.  Sid Scala says in two weeks there will be a Tag Team Number 1 Contenders Fatal Four Way Elimination Match Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley v.s The Hunt Primate and Wild Boar v.s Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter v.s Mark Andrews and The Modfather Flash Morgan Webster.  

Backstage Dave Mastiff wants to face Rampage Brown.  

Second NXT UK Match Tyler Bate v.s Sam Gradwell 

Bate kicks Gradwell.  Bate crossbody on Gradwell. Gradwell slams Bate down.  Gradwell very impressive release  double under hook aka butterfly suplex on Bate.  Bate strikes to Gradwell. Gradwell strikes Bate.  Bate strikes Gradwell.  Bate knee lift on Gradwell. Bate from the second rope Spinning uppercut on Gradwell. 

Bate running strike in the corner on Gradwell.  Bate variation of an explorer suplex on Gradwell. Bate standing moonsault on Gradwell.  Bate strikes to Gradwell.  Gradwell running sto on Bate.  Bate strikes Gradwell. Bate rolling axe kick to Gradwell. Bate Tyler Driver 97 on Gradwell.  Bate pins Gradwell.  

Bate defeats Gradwell.

Awesome NXT UK Match.  

Sid Scala tells Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith that they’ll be in the Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Number One Contenders Match.  

Ilja Dragunov wants to face Jack Starz.  

The Fashionista The Queen Of NXT UK Number One Contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship Jinny and Joseph Conners come out.  Jinny says she beat Piper Niven and became Number One contender and Jinny explains why Joseph Conners is by her.  Jinny says money wealth and connections.  Jinny says she’ll be the new champion next week. 

The NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray comes to the ring.  Ray says she’s the champion because she’s beaten everyone in front of her.  Ray says Jinny will be no different.  Jinny says Ray hasn’t faced her and that Ray isn’t championship material but Jinny says herself The Queen is.  Jinny says Ray owes her this match because the only reason why she’s her is because Jinny helped Ray keep her Championship.

Eddie Dennis say The Hunt survive in Chaos and will beat everyone in the Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag 

Third NXT UK NXT United Kingdom Championship Main Event Match Challenger A-Kid v.s Champion Imperium Leader Ring General Austrian Anomaly Walter

A-Kid kicks Walter in the corner.  A-Kid kicks and palm strikes on Walter.  Walter palm strike in the corner on A-Kid.  A-Kid Damn aggressive kicks to Walter.  A-Kid kicks dropkick to Walter.  Holy Shit Walter with a hellacious palm strike aka a chop on A-Kid.  Walter another viscous Chop on A-Kid.  Walter Boston crab on A-Kid. 

Walter stf on A-Kid.  Wow, Walter Palm strike then a big boot to A-Kid. Walter slams A-Kid down.  A-Kid kicks Walter.  Walter kick to A-Kid.  A-Kid Palm strike to Walter.  Walter Damn Overhand Chop in the corner on A-Kid landing on the ring apron.  Walter chop to A-Kid on the ring apron.  A-Kid top rope dropkick to Walter.  

A-Kid kicks to Walter.  Walter big chop then kick to A-Kid.  A-Kid jumping kick to Walter.  Holy Fuck Walter with a deadly diving dropkick on A-Kid.   Walter Powerbomb to A-Kid.  Walter palm strike to A-Kid.  Damn Walter powerbombs A-Kid on the ring apron on the outside.  A-Kid palm strikes to Walter.  A-Kid pele kick on Walter.  Fuck wow Walter  what a Lariat on A-Kid.  

Shit Walter palm strike another Short Arm Lariat to A-Kid.  Walter pins A-Kid.  

The Champion Walter retains and defeats challenger A-Kid.

Hell of an NXT UK NXT United Kingdom Championship Main event match. 

Another exciting episode in the new year of NXT UK.

Fantasy Booking I’d book Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley to win the Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Match then beat Gallus the NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark Coffey and Wolfgang.

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