NG’s NXT UK February. 04, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking


First NXT UK Women’s Match Xia Brookside v.s Nina Samuels

Nina Samuels with a reverse suplex on Brookside.  Nina Samuels kicks Brookside on the top rope.  Brookside with some strikes to Nina Samuels.  Brookside Hurricanrana on Nina Samuels.  Brookside Broken Wings aka double knees in the corner on Nina Samuels.  Brookside facebuster on Nina Samuels.  Brookside dropkick to Nina Samuels.  

Brookside hurricanrana on the outside to Nina Samuels.  Nina Samuels kicks Brookside on the outside.  Nina Samuels with the referee distracted uses a handbag hits Brookside from the outside then folding press pins her.  

Nina Samuels defeats Brookside.

Awesome NXT UK Women’s Match

Backstage Sid Scala talks about the NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus Wolfgang and Mark Coffey and their challengers Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley.  Then NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin interrupts Scala to ask who his challenger for his title will be and for them to push him he knows it’s not Trent Seven.  Scala tells Devlin himself and Johnny Saint are looking into it. 

Sid Scala asks Jack Starz backstage if he would be Devlins Opponent.  

Second NXT UK Match Josh Morrell v.s Joseph Conners with Jinny

Morrell dropkick to Conners.  Conners clothesline on Morrell.  Morrell enziguri to Conners.  Morrell snap senton onto Conners.  Morrell hurricanrana on Conners.  Conners DDT on Morrell.  Conners impressive Straight Jacket Neckbreaker on Morrell.  Conners pins Morrell.  

Conners defeats Morrell.  

Great NXT UK Match.  

Sha Samuels East End Butcher video of how tough and good he is.  Sha Samuels is in NXT UK to fight to hurt people he says.  

Backstage Xia Brookside demands a rematch with Nina Samuels to Sid Scala.  

Third NXT UK Match The Moscow Muscovite The Mad Russian Mad Muscovian Unbesiegbar Ilja Dragunov v.s Tyson T-Bone 

T-Bone strikes and headbutts Dragunov.  Dragunov chop to T-Bone.  Sam Gradwell comes out.  T-Bone slams down Dragunov.  Dragunov running forearm to T-Bone.  T-Bone exploder suplex on Dragunov.  T-Bone fallaway slam on Dragunov.  T-Bone kicks Dragunov.  Dragunov enziguri on T-Bone. 

T-Bone belly to back suplex on Dragunov.  Dragunov enziguri again to T-Bone.  T-Bone Belly to back half nelson suplex on Dragunov.  T-Bone strikes Dragunov on the outside.  Dragunov vicious strikes to T-Bone on the outside.  Dragunov kicks T-Bone.  Dragunov Torpedo Moscow on T-Bone. Dragunov repeated elbows to T-Bone.  Dragunov wins by referee stoppage aka TKO. 

Dragunov defeats T-Bone

Hell Of an NXT UK Match.  

Post-match Dragunov kicks Gradwell on the outside.  

Video of Meiko Satomura she debuts on NXT UK next week.

Backstage Sid Scala talks to Amir Jordan as a possible challenger for Devlin. 

Fourth NXT UK Match Danny Jones from Wales v.s Gallus Leader The Iron King Joe Coffey

Joe Coffey strikes to Jones.  Joe Coffey shoulder block to Jones.  Joe Coffey sidewalk slam to Jones. Jones strikes forearms to Joe Coffey.  Jones knee to Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey belly to belly suplex on Jones.  Jones sleeper hold attempt on Joe Coffey.  Jones enziguri to Joe Coffey.  

Joe Coffey Glasgow Sendoff Spear in the corner on Jones. Joe Coffey All The Best For The Bells Lariat on Jones. Joe Coffey pins Jones. 

Joe Coffey defeats Jones.  

Another exciting NXT UK Match.  

Post-match Joe Coffey says to Rampage Brown you have to hit someone so hard that they’re not left standing again.  Rampage Brown comes out and says anytime anywhere.

Video of the Number One Contender Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Team match for a NXT UK Tag Team Title Match.  NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus Mark Coffey and Wolfgang and Number One Contenders Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley both videos too. 

Video of Eddie Dennis The Hunt Primate and Wild Boar and Mark Andrews Flash Morgan Webster the feud.  

Next week Tag Team  Street Fight Match The Hunt Primate and Wild Boar v.s Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster.  

Next Week Super Nova Sessions Noam Dar host with Special Guest Sha Samuels I can’t wait for that.  

Fifth NXT UK Main Event NXT Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge Match Champion The Irish Ace Jordan Devlin v.s Challenger Bomber Dave Mastiff

Devlin says Scala has been running through the back all-day trying to find him a challenger for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship and says anyone two hundred and five pounds under come out.  

Dave Mastiff comes out Devlin says you’re not a cruiserweight you don’t meet the weight restrictions you wouldn’t even make it on three hundred and five live.  

Mastiff says we all know you’re keep that title ready for Trent Seven.  

Mastiff seated senton on Devlin.  Mastiff German suplex to Devlin. Devlin chop block to Mastiff. Mastiff second rope shoulder block on Devlin.  Devlin and Mastiff strikes back and forth.  Mastiff biel on Devlin.  Mastiff running clothesline in the corner on Devlin.  

holy shit Mastiff Irish whips Devlin into the corner so powerfully that he falls to the outside hitting the barricade.  Devlin leg scissors on Mastiff and falling over the ropes to the outside.  Mastiff rolling Samoan drop aka Finlay Roll on Devlin on the outside.  Mastiff Into The Void Cannonball crashes into the barricade on the outside.  

Mastiff headbutts Devlin on the outside.  Mastiff top rope diving headbutt on Devlin.  Devlin Springboard spinning cutter on Mastiff.  Devlin top rope 450 splash on Mastiff. Devlin pins Mastiff.  

The Champion Devlin retains and defeats challenger Mastiff.  

Hell Of a Brutal NXT UK Main Event NXT Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge Match.  

Another stellar episode of NXT UK.

Fantasy Booking The newfound Aggression from Ilja Dragunov I think will make him truly invincible Unbesiegbar unstoppable against NXT United Kingdom Champion Walter if the title is on the line again I definitely believe he would go to the extreme to win either that or A-Kid beats Walter with his technical abilities.

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