Space tea, episode 1

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Space Tea #1
Welcome to the first ever Space Tea! I’ve decided that I just have no drive to watch and write about wrestling, with WWE’s absolute garbage events and plummeting ratings, terrible shows and no crowd, unlike AEW, although AEW/TNA/NJPW/NWA’s alliance is interesting, but right now, I am very into Elite; Dangerous.

So a quick rundown, Elite is an open world, 1:1 scale of our universe. You can literally point to a planet and go “I wanna go there” and go. Granted you need to build a ship to do so, and that requires credits, and the engineer grind, but otherwise, you do what you want. Wanna mine to make some money? Go for it. Get bored, go back to the Star Port, and pick up your exploration ship and go out and explore for awhie. You get bored of that? Come on back and re-equip for combat and go shoot some pirates or people! Elite has it all. But these articles will be updated with facts and my personal speculation about Elite and the current news, called GalNet. It’s tea. in space. Space Tea. Suggested by my Elite friend, Dauntless Damsel.

So let me bring you up to speed on what we’re going to cover for a little bit here. Jupiter Rochester. The little corporate loving traitor that’s wanted by several factions and is on the run, starting his own little “Empire.” To go over this, we need to go back to Starship One, the official designation of the President of the Federation. See, in Elite there are several factions. Right now we’re going to only talk about a couple of them though. Until there are further developments with the other factions, we’re going to focus on the Federation, Lakon Spaceways, and Core Dynamics for this Space Tea.

Starship One, in orbit of Mars, no longer a cruise liner, now a warship

Starship One was one of two Narwhal Liners that served as the President of the Federation’s transport ships. The Narwhals were large cruise ships, essentially, in the line of the Dolphin, Beluga, etc. Starship One is always accompanied by a wing called the Guardian Wing, a special division of the Federal Navy which are assigned to protect Federal officials. They, however, could not protect Starship One from its massive Frame Shift Drive failure, or FSD. On May 26, 3301, President Jasmina Halsey, Vice President Ethan Taylor, and others were aboard Starship One, when it made a hyperspace jump to the Azaleach system. She was on a tour of several Federation systems at the time, but she never arrived in the Saga system. Secretary of State Felecia Winters had to assume Acting President of the Federation, announcing that Starship One had been lost since its jump to Azaleach over twelve hours earlier. Eventually, specialists from Core Dynamics, led by Jupiter Rochester, and Sirius Corporation had found that Starship One had exploded, or more precisely her FSD exploded, mid-jump, blowing her to pieces all over interstellar space. It was found that there was a power surge in her power plant, and it overloaded her other core systems. The failsafe’s failed to kick in, which would have saved the ship. At the time, no foul play was found. Keyword, at the time.

Temporary President Felecia Winters

In 3302 however, new president Zachary Hudson arranged another look at Starship One, and they found that she did not instantaneously explode as previously thought. This discovery proved that the crew had time to get to the escape pods. One such pod, found in the Lyncis Sector, had former president Jasmina Halsey in it. She said she had been on the bridge when the explosion happened, and her guards carried her to an escape pod.

President Zachery Hudson

In 3305, another investigation took place, and it found that Starship One had indeed been sabotaged as previously thought shortly before she embarked on the grand tour. Later on, in 3306, Chief Technician Rory Webster, the lead engineer of Starship One’s maintenance, was arrested on charges of mass murder and treason, after it came out that he ordered unauthorized modifications of Starship Ones FSD.

This eventually led to a trial on September 28th 3305, and before its conclusion on October 28th, Webster implicated the mastermind of the entire FSD sabotage under the condition he not be put to death as previously suggested. In exchange for a sentence of 20 years, Webster implicated none other than Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent. This was huge, as this changed the entire landscape of the Federation, plus since he was close friends with President Hudson, accusations came out that they both conspired to assassinate then-President Halsey. Hudson refused to issue a statement, adding to the fear and anger and outrage, causing dozens of Congressmen to resign to avoid being associated with the crime of the century.

What about Jupiter you may ask? We’re getting there. This week is history, next week we get to Jupiter. Possibly before, depends on GalNet.

Ok, so moving on, it’s now January 11, 3307. Six years after the initial disaster. It’s now Fleet Admiral Vincent’s trial. The very first day, evidence was presented from Webster’s trial in the form of a transmission sent to Star Ship One to divert to Azaleach for routine maintenance. It was here on May 24, 3301, that Webster replaced Starship One’s hyperdrive with the sabotaged one, which you would think someone would ask why they were replacing an entire hyperdrive? But no one seemed to, which is odd. Fleet Admiral Vincent himself had issued the orders for the diversion of Starship One. On January 27, Halsey confirmed that Vincent himself was behind it and had personally issued said order. He at the time was the highest-ranking officer in the Federation. Vincent’s lawyers upon cross-examination attempted to throw out Halsey’s testimony due to her, upon revival, talking about the “Caretakers of the galaxy.” Could she be talking about the Guardians? A race wiped out by the Thargoids? Could she have met some? Ok, I’m sounding like the Oak Island narrator now. We’ll talk about Thargoids and Guardians another time. Halsey denied these claims and said she had no memory of saying such a thing, and Alliance doctors, a neutral party, said that she was sane and medically clear.

Now we’re getting to the end of the trial. On January 29, Halsey said the possible reason for Vincent wanting her dead was because she was going to gut the Federal Navy’s budget, and Vincent was not happy.

While all this was going on, something else was happening too. Core Dynamics was attempting to do a hostile takeover of Lakon Spaceways, builds of ships like the Chieftan, and the Diamondback Explorer, my ship of choice. Lakon was much larger than Core Dynamics, so it was strange that they were able to take them over. This started back in November of 3306, and after Core’s initial bid was rejected, a massive shakeup happened at Lakon Spaceways, and coincidently everyone against the merger was removed from the board of Lakon. Lakon then announced they were now under the flag of a “New parent company”, which later came out to be Core Dynamics, led by Jupiter Rochester. Told you we’d get to him.

Now, while this is going on, I put out a bold prediction that the takeover would be nullified. On February 5th, 3307, it came out that Core Dynamics was also behind Starship One’s destruction. If Halsey had made the cuts she proposed, Core Dynamics would have lost a lot of its funding. So, Vincent and Rochester schemed together to remove Halsey, and put Hudson in her place, who they believed would keep the budgets intact. As of right now, it’s unclear if Hudson was involved or not, but there is no evidence that he was. On February 8, the jury convinced Vincent of his crimes and sentenced him to life in prison. Then they moved to arrest Jupiter Rochester, who fled Core Dynamics along with several high ranking people, and holed up in the HIP 5430 system, and named themselves the Jupiter Division, whereas we speak the Federation is waging war with the Jupiter Divison in a community goal in the game to dictate the narrative of where this goes next. On Feb 10 3307 the acquisition of Lakon Spaceways by Core Dynamics was declared illegal, due to it coming out that Core embezzled money to take over Lakon, and of course, the implication of the scumbag Jupiter Rochester.

As of right now, the Federation and the Jupiter division are waging war, and this pilot is about to strap in and head out to defend the Federation. Find me in discord, Riley#8854, or in Elite Dangerous as Riley Thomas, and once in a while, you can catch me streaming at, and don’t forget to follow my wing-woman who just started Elite and gave me the idea for this name, Space Tea, at

Also if you’re into the lore, drop Grinning Crow a follow on twitch, just don’t talk about Anacondas and Raxxla to him…

Also drop Cosmina a follow, she streams a lot of Elite Dangerous as well and is family friendly.

In each article, I will try to mention a couple of streamers that are Elite players too!

Next week we’re going to talk some more about Jupiter Rochester, and I’ll update the status on the fight that ends in 6 days.

Also when I give years, they’re in Elite time. Currently, in Elite it is 3307, 1,286 years in the future.

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