NG’s NXT UK Thoughts & Fantasy Booking London, England October. 08, 2020


First NXT UK Women’s Tag Team Match Xia Brookside and Dani Luna v.s French Hope Amale and Nina Samuels.  

Brookside tags in. Luna tags in.  Amale tags in.  Amale knee to Luna.  Amale Stiff Kick on Luna.  Samuels tags in.  Luna double clothesline on Samuels and Amale.  Luna fall away slam on Samuels.  Luna tags in Brookside.  Brookside top rope High flying cross body on Samuels.  

Brookside hurricanrana on Samuels.  Samuels spinning backbreaker on Brookside.  Samuels handstand kick on Luna.  Samuels reverse suplex on Brookside.  Amale blind tags in.  Amale figure four head slam on Brookside.  Brookside tags in Luna.  Luna running spinning back elbow on Amale.  

Luna scoop slam kick then clothesline all on Amale. Luna suplex on Amale.    Amale looks for the tag Samuels witches her.  Amale forearms on Luna. Luna damn hard release German Suplex on Amale.  

Luna tags in Brookside.  Brookside Top Rope Brooksy Bomb and Luna Powerbomb on Amale.  Brookside bridging cover on Amale.  

Brookside and Luna defeats Amale and Samuels.  

What a match there.   

Ilja Dragunov backstage tells Sid Scala he wants Wolfe and Walter. Scala makes it official Walter and Alexander Wolfe v.s Pete Dunne and Ilja Dragunov.  

Piper Niven says people will shut the mouth of Kay Lee Ray.  

Second NXT UK Match Jack Starz v.s Saxon Huxley.  

Beautiful Simple Wrist Lock by Starz on Huxley.  Huxley Straight Arm Lift on Starz.  Starz dropkicks to Huxley.  Huxley tossing Starz.  Huxley running Knee in the corner on Starz.  Huxley throwing Starz again.  Huxley knees to Starz.  

Huxley Argentine Backbreaker on Starz.  Starz strikes and chops then dropkick to Huxley.  Running Crossbody by Starz on Huxley.  Starz uppercuts on Huxley. Huxley elbow and knee to Starz.  

Huxley backbreaker Elevator Drop and then pining Starz.  

Huxley defeats Starz.  

Awesome, Match There.  Impressive win By Huxley.  

Video of The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus Mark Coffey and Wolfgang showing how dominant they’re.  

Backstage Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley say that they want to face Gallus.  

Backstage Dani Luna and Xia Brookside both say NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray needs to watch what she says.  

Third NXT UK Heritage Cup Opening Round Match The Modfather Flash Morgan Webster v.s A-Kid.  

Round 1 starts.  

Webster Dropkick to A-Kid.  

Round 1 ends no Falls Webster 0-0 A-Kid.  

Round 2 starts.  

Webster pins A-Kid earning the first fall.

Round 2 Ends.  

Webster 1 Fall-A-Kid 0 Falls.  

Round 3 starts.  

Webster straight jacket on A-Kid.  A-Kid Reversal straight jacket on Webster.  A-Kid high crossbody from the top rope on Webster.  A-Kid fisherman suplex bridging into a pin attempt on Webster.  Webster moonsault Rude Boy Block from the top rope on A-Kid.  

Webster reverse hurricanrana on A-Kid.  

Round 3 Ends no falls.  Webster 1-A-Kid 0.  

Round 4 starts.  

Webster running pump kick on A-Kid.  A-Kid step-up enziguri on Webster from the top rope.  A-Kid Avalanche Spanish Fly from the Top rope on Webster.  A-Kid running Kick on Webster A-Kid pins Webster.  

Round 4 Ends Webster 1 Fall A-Kid 1 fall tied.  

Round 5 starts.  

A-Kid slaps and kicks Webster.  Webster slaps A-Kid.  A-Kid stiff strikes to Webster.  Webster falcon arrow on A-Kid.  A-Kid and Webster trading strikes and kicks.  Webster headbutts A-Kid.  Webster running tope suiceda  suicide dive to the outside on A-Kid sending him into the barrier.  

A-Kid Oma Plata on Webster he taps.  

A-Kid wins 2 falls Webster 1 Fall.  

A-Kid advances to the semifinals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup.  

What A Match brutal.  

In 3 Weeks NXT United Kingdom Champion Walter will take on Challenger Ilja Dragunov.  

A video of that rivalry.  

Backstage Webster is Taken out.  Primate Mark Andrews and Wild Boar check on him.  

Next Week NXT UK Heritage Cup Opening Round Match Joseph Conners v.s Bomber Dave Mastiff.  

Main Event Next Week Imperium NXT United Kingdom Champion Walter and Alexander Wolfe v.s Ilja Dragunov and The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne.  

NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray comes out for her champion state of the union address to talk about the Women’s division.  

Ray gloats about being undefeated and beating Piper Niven.  

Dani Luna Isla Dawn Xia Brookside Nina Samuels Amale comes out.  Piper Niven comes out.  Valkyrie comes out.  Amale and Samuels beat down Niven.  Ray roasts everyone. Valkyrie springboard cross body on Ray.  Ray is attacked by Luna Valkyrie Brookside Dawn Ray superkicks Luna.  Everyone starts attacking each other.  Jinny comes out attacks Ray.  

Another outstanding episode of NXT UK.  

Fantasy Booking I’d book a number, one contender’s battle royal for the NXT UK Women’s Division with either Valkyrie or Jinny winning they seem both in line to defeat Kay Lee Ray The NXT UK Women’s Champion.

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