NG’s NXT UK October. 29, 2020 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking.


First NXT UK Women’s Match Aoife Valkyrie v.s Dani Luna.  

Luna nice Three Quarter Nelson aka Cravate on Valkyrie.  Valkyrie high dropkick on Luna.  Luna on the outside wheelbarrow slam on Valkyrie on the apron.  Luna armbar then a chinbar on Valkyrie.  Valkyrie kicks on Luna.  Valkyrie springboard cross body on Luna.  Valkyrie Pele kick on Luna. Luna snap german suplex on Valkyrie. 

Luna suplex on Valkyrie.  Valkyrie palm strikes on Luna.  Valkyrie spin heel kick on Luna.  Valkyrie Perry Pitai from the top rope on Luna.  Valkyrie pins Luna for the win. 

Valkyrie defeats Luna. 

Awesome NXT UK Women’s match.  

Video of NXT UK Heritage Cup. 

Video of Rampage Brown.  

Video of Andrews and Webster attacked.  Eddie Dennis interrupts Webster and Andrews.  Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley Come out.  Primate and Wild Boar The Hunt Come Out.  Primate and Wild Boar attack Webster and Andrews.  

Wild Boar Cannonball in the corner on Andrews.  Primate fireman’s carry into a powerbomb by Wild Boar on Webster.  

Piper Niven backstage says she still plans to face Kay Lee Ray.

The Irish Ace Jordan Devlin returns to action tonight.  

Backstage Pretty Deadly tell Sid Scala that they want their tag title shot against Gallus.  And Sam Gradwell returns.  

Gallus says that next week they’re back to full strength to Sid Scala. 

Video of Dragunov and Walter.  

Second NXT UK Match The NXT Cruiserweight Champion The Irish Ace Jordan Devlin v.s Levi Muir.  

Devlin strikes and elbows Muir.  Devlin urange then a standing moonsault on Muir. Devlin Alabama Slam on Muir.  Devlin Headbutts Muir.  Devlin Inside Saito Suplex aka High Angle Back Drop Driver on Muir.  Devlin Texas Cloverleaf on Muir.  Muir taps out.  

Devlin beats Muir.  

Awesome NXT UK Match. 

Devlin tells the Cruiserweight division to come to the UK.  

Next week Gallus The Leader of Gallus The Iron King Joe Coffey The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark Coffey and Wolfgang v.s Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley and Sam Gradwell.  

Next week Heritage Cup semi-finals Scottish Supernova 11 Noam Dar v.s A-Kid.  

Third NXT UK Main Event NXT United Kingdom Championship Match.  Challenger The Mad Russian The Crimson Menace Unbeseigebar Ilja Dragunov v.s NXT United Kingdom Champion The Ring General Austrian Anomaly Lead Of Imperium Walter. 

Holy Shit Dragunov wasting no time kick to Walter.  Walter in the corner palm strikes and kicks to Dragunov.  Dragunov palm strikes to Walter.  Walter big boot to Dragunov.  Dragunov stiff knees then knee lift on Walter.  Dragunov running knee in the corner on Walter.  Dragunov top rope senton on Walter.  

Walter Sleeper Hold then Sleeper Suplex on Dragunov.  Walter uppercut to Dragunov. Dragunov and Walter’s palm strikes back and forth.  Walter scoop slam then a stiff kick to Dragunov.  Dragunov strikes Walter.  Holy Fuck Walter maliciously throws Dragunov off the middle rope.  

Walter continues to target the neck of Dragunov.  Dragunov palm strikes and knees to Walter.  Walter huge palm strike on Dragunov.  Dragunov and Walter forearms back and forth.  

Walter still going after the neck of Dragunov.  Walter release German suplex on Dragunov. Walter and Dragunov palm strikes landing hard.  Walter Palm strikes on the top rope on Dragunov.  Walter palm strikes on the ring apron to Dragunov.  Dragunov palm strikes Walter from the ring apron.  Walter Big Boot to Dragunov.  Dragunov Damn Release German suplex on Walter.  Dragunov another release German Suplex on Walter.  

Dragunov yet another German Suplex on Walter.  Dragunov kick to Walter. Walter big palm strike to Dragunov.  Dragunov enziguris on Walter.  Wow Dragunov Gotch lift Suplex on Walter.  Walter and Dragunov trade strikes.  Dragunov lariat on Walter.  Walter Sleeper hold on Dragunov.  Then again Walter sleeper hold on Dragunov.  Dragunov Constantine 61 Line Lariat on Walter.  

Walter big palm strike mid-air on Dragunov.  Walter chops strikes and Dragunov strikes kicks chops trading blows.  Holy Shit what a lariat by Walter on Dragunov.  Walter Powerbomb on Dragunov.  Damn another lariat by Walter on Dragunov.  Walter sleeper hold on Dragunov.  Walter dragon sleeper on Dragunov.  Walter Sleeper Hold on Dragunov.  

Dragunov chops and headbutts to Walter.  Dragunov viscous knee strikes to Walter.  Dragunov top rope coast to coast dropkick to Walter.  Dragunov gotch lift suplex on Walter.  Dragunov Torpedo Moscow to Walter.  Dragunov Torpedo Moscow on Walter again.  

Dragunov elbows on Walter.  Walter outside of the ring Sleeper Suplex on Dragunov.  Walter big boot on Dragunov.  Walter powerbombs Dragunov on the ring apron.  Walter powerbomb on Dragunov.  Walter Big Splash from the top rope on Dragunov.  Walter elbows to Dragunov then a Sleeper Hold.  Walter makes Dragunov pass out.  

Walter defeats and retains against Dragunov.  

Match of the Fucking Year that was insane.  

Amazing episode of NXT UK.  

Fantasy Booking I don’t think Dragunov and Walter are done feuding. It will continue.

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