NG’S NXT UK October. 22, 2020 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking


First NXT UK Welsh Dragon Eddie Dennis v.s Oliver Carter.  

Carter Head scissors on Dennis.  Dennis stunning three-quarter Nelson aka cravate on Carter.  Carter tornado facebuster on Dennis.  Carter Tope suiceda aka suicide dive to the outside on Dennis.  Dennis Next Stop Driver on Carter.  Carter Superkick then Rock Bottom then a springboard  Middle rope Moonsault all on Dennis.  

Carter spinning heel kick in the corner on Dennis.  Dennis tossing Seven Bridge Crucifix Powerbomb on Carter and Dennis Pins Carter.  

Dennis defeats Carter.  

Really good match there.  

Dennis post-match says next that Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews should meet him for a surprise mediation.  

Video of The Iron King Gallus Leader Joe Coffey returning soon.  

The Irish Ace Jordan Devlin returns to action next week.  

Second NXT UK Women’s Match The French Hope Amale v.s Nina Samuels.  

Amale running clothesline in the corner on Samuels.  Amale Clothesline on Samuels.  Samuels double knees in the corner on Amale.  Amale running dropkick on Samuels.  Amale kick in the corner on Samuels.  Samuels dropkick on Amale.  Amale wonderful bridging northern lights suplex on Samuels.  

Amale strong forearm to Samuels.  Samuels Final Act aka rolling neckbreaker on Amale.  Samuels pins Amale.  

Samuels beats Amale.  

Nice match here I enjoyed it.  

Samuels says she’ll be watching Piper Niven.  

Third NXT UK Opening Round Heritage Cup Tournament main event Match Mustache Mountain Trent Seven v.s The Lucky Yin Kenny Williams. 

Round 1 starts. 

Seven Nice Grovit on Williams.  Seven scoop slam then a leg drop all on Williams.  

Round 1 ends Williams 0-Seven 0 no falls.  

Round 2 starts.  

Williams springboard back elbow on Seven.  Williams hurricanrana on Seven.  Williams dropkick on Seven.  Seven headbutts to Williams.  

Round 2 Williams 0-Seven 0. 

Round 3 starts. 

Seven and Williams chops back and forth.  Seven planting DDT on Williams.  Williams pump kick on Seven.  Seven A Seven Stars Lariat on Williams pinning him.  

Round 3 ends Seven 1 fall – Williams 0 Falls.

Round 4 starts.  

Williams pins Seven.  

Round 4 ends Williams 1 fall- Seven 1 fall tied. 

Round 5 starts.  

Williams pump kick on Seven.  Seven superkick on Williams.  Williams rebounding lariat on Seven.  Williams satellite ddt on Seven.  Seven snap dragon suplex on Williams.  Seven Emerald fusion on Williams.  Williams top rope hurricanrana Seven reverses it into a jackknife pin on Williams.  

Round 5 ends Seven 2 falls- Willians 1 Fall.  

Seven wins defeating Williams Seven moves to the semi-finals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament.  

Hell of a match.  

Contract signing for The NXT United Kingdom Championship Match for next week. 

Challenger Ilja Dragunov comes out.  Imperium Leader The Ring General NXT United Kingdom Champion Walter comes out.  

Walter signs.  Dragunov signs.  Walter slaps Dragunov.  Walter palm strikes to Dragunov.  Dragunov step-up enziguri to Walter.  Walter chop to Dragunov.  Walter palm strikes on Dragunov.  Walter powerbombs Dragunov on the ring apron.  Walter running big boot to Dragunov.  Dragunov sends Walter through the barricade.  

Fantasy Booking Eddie Dennis betrays Webster and Andrews.

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