NG’S NXT UK October. 15, 2020 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking


First NXT UK Heritage Cup Opening round match Bomber Dave Mastiff v.s Joseph Conners.  

Round 1 starts.  

Conners beautiful standing wristlock transitioning into a standing armbar on Mastiff.  

Mastiff dropkick on Conners.  Mastiff forearm on Conners.  

Round 1 ends no falls Mastiff 0-Conners 0. 

Round 2 starts. 

Holy Shit a standing Courting Hold by Mastiff on Conners.  Mastiff power slam on Conners.  

Round 2 Ends no falls Conners 0- Mastiff 0.  

Round 3 Starts.  

Mastiff wins with a knockout punch on Conners.  

Mastiff 1 fall Conners 0.  

Mastiff advances to the semifinals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup.  

Video of The Irish Ace Jordan Devlin.  

Oliver Carter backstage and Ashton Smith talk Eddie Dennis. 

Second NXT UK Women’s Match The White Witch Of NXT UK Isla Dawn v.s Piper Niven.  

Niven a superb simple wrist lock on Dawn.  Dawn transitions into a phenomenal Top Wristlock on Niven.  Dawn forearms on Niven.  Niven headbutts Dawn.  Dawn strikes down Niven.  Dawn dropkicks Niven.  Niven basement crossbody on Dawn.  

Dawn kicks Niven.  Dawn top rope double knee Meteora on Niven. Damn Niven High Angle Back Drop Driver aka Saito Side Suplex on Dawn.  Niven cannonball into the corner on Dawn.  Niven Piper Driver aka high angle Michinoku Driver on Dawn. Niven Pins Dawn for the victory.  

Niven beats Dawn.  

What an aggressive match there.  

Kenny Williams trains with Amir Jordan for his heritage cup match against Trent Seven.  

A look at Trent Seven.  

Third NXT UK Tag Team Main Event Match Imperium The Austrian Anomaly The Ring General The NXT United Kingdom Champion Imperium Leader Walter and The Dresden Hatchet Man Alexander Wolfe v.s Unbesiegbar The Mad Russian The Crimson Menace Ilja Dragunov and The Brusierweight Pete Dunne.  

Wolfe tags in Walter.  Walter throwing and manhandling Dunne.  Walter a unique Simple Wrist lock on Dunne. Walter  Nice standing Wrist lock on Dunne.  

Dunne hurricanrana on Walter.  Dunne tags in Dragunov.  Walter side headlock takedown on Dragunov.  And again Walter side headlock on Dragunov slammed to the mat.  Walter chops Dragunov. Dragunov and Walter back and forth slaps.  

Walter just dominating Dragunov with the side headlock takeover takedowns.  Dragunov running forearm on Walter.  Walter scoop slam on Dragunov. Damn Walter then viscously kicks Dragunov.  Holy Shit Walter Palm Strikes Dunne off the Apron to. the outside.  

Walter running sitting seated senton on Dragunov.  Walter tags in Wolfe. Wolfe uppercuts in the corner on Dragunov.  Wolfe then half Nelson backbreaker to the knee on Dragunov.  Wolfe tags in Walter.  Walter chops Dragunov.  

Walter scoop slam on Dragunov.  Walter tags in Wolfe.  Dragunov spinning back chop on Wolfe.  Wolfe spinning brainbuster on Dragunov.  Wolfe big boot to Dragunov.  Dragunov chop to Wolfe. Wolfe forearm to Dragunov.  Dragunov step-up enziguri to Wolfe.  

Dragunov hot tag to Dunne Wolfe tags in Walter.  Dunne forearm to Walter.  Dunne running enziguri to the corner on Walter.  Dunne flying kick from the middle rope to the knee of Walter.  Dunne snap German suplex to Walter.  Dunne double good stomp to the hands of Walter.  

Dunne kick to Walter.  Dunne again kicks Walter.  Dunne stomps to Walter.  Walter stomps to Dunne.  Dunne palm strikes to Walter.  Damn Walter running shotgun dropkick to Dunne.  Walter tags in Wolfe. Dunne Tags in Dragunov.  

Dragunov clothesline to Wolfe.  Dragunov running knee to the corner on Wolfe.  Dragunov middle rope diving knee to Wolfe.  Wolfe uppercut to Dragunov.  Dragunov knee lift to Wolfe.  Dragunov gotch suplex on Wolfe.  Wolfe enziguri to Dragunov.  Wolfe vicious uppercut to Dragunov.  Dragunov 61 Line Lariat aka Constantine Special rebounds off the ropes on Wolfe.  

Dunne tags in.  Dunne and Dragunov knees in the corner on Wolfe.  Dunne X Plex on Wolfe.  Dunne Takes out Walter.  Dragunov top rope seated senton on Wolfe.  Wolfe pump kick on Dunne.  Walter tags in.  Walter palm strike on Dunne.  Wolfe German suplex on Dunne.  

Walter powerbombs Dunne onto Dragunov.  Dunne step up enziguri on Walter.  Dragunov tagged in.  Dunne moonsault off the apron to the outside on Wolfe.  Holy Shit what a palm strike by Walter on Dragunov.  Walter powerbomb on Dragunov.  Walter release German suplex on Dragunov.  

Walter strong palm strikes Dragunov.  Dragunov clothesline on Walter.  Dunne Bitter End on Wolfe.  Walter big boot to Dunne.  Dragunov flying knee to Walter.  Walter another palm strike to Dragunov.  Dragunov axe strikes knife-edge chops to Walter.  Dragunov stiff knees to Walter.  Dragunov Gotch Lift Suplex on Walter.  

Walter release sleeper suplex to the head of Dragunov.  Dragunov Torpedo Moscow pins Walter.  

Dragunov and Dunne defeat Imperium Walter and Wolfe.  

One Hell of a main event match.  

What an episode amazing! 

Fantasy Booking Dragunov keeps the momentum and defeats Walter to win the United Kingdom Title.

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