NG’s NXT UK November. 12, 2020 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking


First NXT UK Tag Team match The Hunt Wild Boar and Primate with Eddie Dennis v.s The Lucky Yin Kenny Williams and The Bhangra Badboy Amir Jordan.  

Primate tags in.  Primate forearm to Williams.  Jordan tagged in.  Williams tagged in.  Williams Hurricanrana on Primate.  Williams dropkick on Primate.  Wild Boar tagged in. Williams nice simple headlock on Wild Boar.  Williams running back forearm on Wild Boar. 

Williams Springboard Back Elbow on Primate falling off the apron to the outside. Jordan tope suiceda aka suicide dive on Wild Boar on the outside. Williams back elbow to the outside on Primate.  Jordan crossbody from the top rope on Wild Boar.  Williams tags in. Williams pump kick on Wild Boar.  Williams kicks Primate.  

Wild Boar sends Williams launching sky high to the outside hard. Primate tags in.  Wild Boar headbutts to Williams Primate tagged in. Primate assisted back senton with Wild Boar landing on Williams.  Wild Boar tagged in.  Wild Boar Headbutt to Williams. Primate tagged in.  

Williams palm strikes on Primate.  Primate knee then back elbow to Williams. Wild Boar tagged in.   Jordan tagged in.  Jordan Sitout Rear Mat Slam on Wild Boar. Jordan facebuster on Wild Boar.  Jordan top rope Senton on Wild Boar. Primate tags in.   Jordan step-up enziguri on Primate.  Williams tagged in.  Williams forearm then Bruce Dog to Primate.  Wild Boar tagged in.  

Williams double springboard back elbow on Wild Boar and Primate.  Jordan tagged in.  Wild Boar Damn Hell of a clothesline on Jordan.  Wild Boar running spear in the corner on Williams.  Primate tagged in.  

Primate and Wild Boar double top rope flying headbutts on Jordan.  Primate pins Jordan.  

The Hunt Primate and Wild Boar defeat Williams and Jordan.  

Awesome Tag Team Match.  

Video of Trent Seven and Dave Mastiff.  

Second NXT UK Match Jack Starz the NXT Debut of Rampage Brown.  

I’ve watched Rampage Brown for a few years he’s very talented.   

Starz strikes Brown.  Brown strikes Starz.  Brown belly to belly slam on Starz.  Brown strikes and back elbow to Starz.  Starz strikes and dropkicks Brown.  Beautiful Samoan Drop by Brown on Starz.  Brown Doctor Bomb on Starz. Brown pins Starz. 

Brown defeats Starz.  

Very impressive debut match. 

Backstage Ashton Smith Oliver Carter tries to question Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley about Eddie Dennis.  Sid Scala breaks it up.  Pretty Deadly calls them a joke.  

Backstage Rampage Brown says the rest of the locker room better keep up.  

Third NXT UK Women’s Match Xia Brookside v.s Nina Samuels.  

Brookside Dropkick then a monkey flip on Samuels. Brookside springboard headlock takeover by   Brookside Single-Leg Boston crab on Samuels.  Brookside Indian Death Lock on Samuels.  Samuels tilt a whirl backbreaker on Brookside.  Brookside strikes then middle rope hurricanrana on Samuels.  Brookside middle rope cross body on Samuels.  

Samuels kick to Brookside.  Brookside Code Breaker on Samuels.  Brookside small package pin on Samuels.  

Brookside defeats Samuels.  

Awesome NXT UK Women’s Match.  

Samuels post-match kicks Brookside. Then Samuels does the Ninagoroshi on Brookside.  

Gradwell doesn’t admit to his loss when asked about it. He says if it was one on one the outcome would be different.  Then Imperiums Alexander Wolfe calls him a disgrace to the sport.  

Next Week NXT UK Women’s Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match. Champion Kay Lee Ray v.s Challenger Piper Niven.  

Fourth NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Semi-Finals Main Event Match Trent Seven v.s Bomber Dave Mastiff.  

Round 1 starts.  

Seven Quarter Nelson on Mastiff. Seven and Mastiff running crossbodies both collide with each other.  

Round 1 ends no falls Seven 0 falls Mastiff 0 falls.

Round 2 starts. 

Mastiff knee to Seven.  Seven Pins Mastiff.  

Round 2 ends Seven 1-0 Mastiff.

Round 3 starts.  

Seven kick to Mastiff. Mastiff knee to Seven.  Mastiff seated senton on Seven.  Seven chops kick then a DDT on Mastiff.  Seven with a Seven Stars Lariat on Mastiff.  Mastiff with a hard strike Damn that was brutal on Seven.  

Round 3 ends.  Seven 1 fall Mastiff 0 falls.  

Round 4 starts.  

Mastiff dropkick then Powerbomb on Seven.  Mastiff Into The Void on Seven. Mastiff pins Seven.  

Round 4 ends.  Mastiff 1-1 Seven

Round 5 Starts.  

Seven Burning Hammer from the top rope on Mastiff.  Seven pins Mastiff.  

Round 5 ends.  Seven 2 falls Mastiff 1 fall. 

Seven wins defeating Mastiff.  Seven advances to the finals of The NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament.  

Hell of an NXT UK Heritage Cup Main Event Match.  

Awesome NXT UK Episode.

Fantasy Booking. The Hunt Primate and Wild Boar also Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley future NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Piper Niven will win the NXT UK Women’s title at some point.

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