NG’s NXT UK November. 05, 2020 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking


First NXT UK SixMan Tag Team Match.  Gallus The Iron King Leader of Gallus Joe Coffey NXT UK Tag Team Champions Wolfgang and Mark Coffey v.s Sam Gradwell and Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley.  

Mark Coffey tags in Wolfgang.   Stoker dropkick on Wolfgang.  Stoker tags in Howley.  Wolfgang tags in Joe Coffey.  Howley tags in Gradwell.  Gradwell tags in Howley.  Stoker kicks Wolfgang on the apron.  Howley tags in Stoker.  Wolfgang tags in Mark Coffey.  Stoker tags in Howley.  Howley tags in Stoker.  

Stoker DDT on Mark Coffey.  Howley tagged in. Gradwell tagged in.  Gradwell uppercuts to Mark Coffey.  Gradwell forearm to Mark Coffey Gradwell takes out Wolfgang on the ring apron.  Howley tags in.  Joe Coffey tagged in.  Joe Coffey belly to belly suplex on Howley.  

Joe Coffey butterfly swing transitions into the butterfly suplex on Howley.  Gradwell tagged in. Gradwell an sto Space-Time Ogawa on Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey All The Best For The Bells on Gradwell.  Joe Coffey Pins Gradwell.

Gallus Joe Coffey Mark Coffey Wolfgang defeat Pretty Deadly Stoker and Howley and Gradwell. 

That was a really exciting match.  

Video of A-Kid and Noam Dar talking about their last match and the tournament.  

Rampage Brown backstage with Sid Scala sees Dave Mastiff.  

Second NXT UK Women’s Match Aleah James v.s The Queen Of NXT UK The Fashionista Jinny. 

Jinny judo throw on Janes.  Jinny knees to James.  James dropkick on Jinny.  Jinny clothesline on James.  Jinny mounting punches on James.  James head scissors on Jinny.  Jinny Rolling Liger Kick on James.  Jinny pins James.  

Jinny Defeats James.  

Impressive Women’s match.  

Post-match Jinny says this is how ruthless she can be.  

Piper Niven comes out.  

NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray comes out and says neither Jinny or Kay Lee Ray have won the title.  Jinny slaps Niven then Niven Headbutts Jinny. Niven hits Jinny with the chair that Ray threw in.  Niven Michinoku Driver aka Piper Driver on James.  Niven Piper Driver to Jinny on the chair. 

Eddie Dennis video with Primate and Wild Boar.  Dennis says he wasn’t friends with Andrews for 15 years but used.  Webster said he was friends with Boar but Dennis says he was exploited.  Dennis says Primate was built to follow orders and hurt people.  

Niven backstage dragged Ray.  

In Two Weeks Piper Niven will face NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray in a Falls Count Anywhere match.  

Next week NXT UK Debut of Rampage Brown.  

Next week NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament semi-finals match Dave Mastiff v.s Trent Seven.  

Third Main Event Semi-Finals NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Match.  The Scottish Supernova 11 Noam Dar v.s A-Kid

Round 1 starts.  

Dar Wristlock on A-Kid.  A-Kid headlock takeover on Dar.  Dar pump kick to A-Kid sending him outside of the ring.  

Round 1 Ends with no falls Dar 0-0 A-Kid.  

Round 2 Starts.  

A-Kid springboard arm drag on Dar.  Dar kicks A-Kid off the top rope.  Dar uppercut on A-Kid.  A-Kid forearms to Dar.  Dar North Sea Backslide on A-Kid.  A-Kid stf on Dar.  

Round 2 ends with no falls again Dar 0-0 A-Kid.

Round 3 starts.  

A-Kid Northern Lights Suplex on Dar. A-Kid armbar on Dar.   A-Kid kicks Dar. Dar forearm to A-Kid.  Dar facebuster the a clothesline to A-Kid.  

Wow Dar makes A-Kid tap with his own submission the Oma Plata.  Dar picks up the first fall.

Round 3 ends.  Dar 1 fall A-Kid 0 falls.  

Round 4 starts.  

Dar kicks A-Kid.  Dar double chops and uppercut on A-Kid.  A-Kid bridging pin on Dar.  

Round 4 Ends Dar 1-1 A-Kid.  

Round 5 starts.  

A-Kid palm strike to Dar.  Dar basement dropkick on A-Kid falling to the outside.  Dar kicks A-Kid on the outside.  A-Kid bottom rope 619 on the outside to Dar.  A-Kid running kick to Dar.  A-Kid top rope high cross body on Dar.  Dar and A-Kid strikes back and forth.  

Round 5 ends with no falls in that Dar 1-1 A-Kid.  

Round 6  final round starts.

Dar kicks A-Kid.  A-Kid kicks Dar. Dar kicks A-Kid.  A-Kid knee to Dar.  Dar spinning back elbow on A-Kid. A-Kid jumping enziguri on Dar.  A-Kid with the Oma Plata makes Dar Submit.  

Round 6 ends.  A-Kid 2 falls Dar 1 fall.  

A-Kid advances to the NXT UK Heritage Cup Finals and defeats Dar.  

Hell of a Main event match.  

Fantasy Booking I’m going to say at some point either Jinny or Piper Niven will defeat Kay Lee Ray.

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