AEW Games 1.0 Announcement

Ashley Rose-Nova

Today on November 10, 2020, All Elite Wrestling held their long-awaited conference, to announce the release of the AEW Video Game. The game had been hinted by EVP Kenny Omega at his Highspots Auction, where Highspots held a virtual signing to the fans publicly.

Fans of the promotion have known Mr. Omega to be an aficionado of gaming with his friendship with CEO’s Alex JeBailey. CEO even once held an AEW Event at their convention.

What would this game be? Would it be designed in a retro aspect like the wrestling game Fire Pro? Would it be designed in the model of 2K WWE? Or are we looking towards a different style? Will this game be an unconventional approach to pro-wrestling games? Maybe it will be a card game like the NJPW app?

Full Gear: Tony Khan

“We’re making multiple games. We’re working on more than one game in AEW Games and we’re going to cater to different platforms. We’re going to cater to different kinds of games and different interests. I think we’ll put a title out, a console game that’s best in class [for a] console game. We’re really excited about it. We have some big surprises to come in 2020. I just can’t say enough, there’s still time in 2020. The show was great but there is still going to be a lot to come this year. That can impact our video game plans. And also, we’re going to put something out for those people, like myself, that love putting wrestling cards up together and it allows somebody to do the job I do, be the general manager of AEW and book cards.”

“There’s going to be a few different titles and then I don’t think we’re going to stop anywhere either. I think we’re going to expand here at AEW Games because it’s a great chance to build AEW, introduce gaming fans to AEW and introduce AEW to gaming fans, expand and build a business. There’s a lot to come there, for sure.”-Tony Khan

AEW Games Announcement:

EVP Kenny Omega enters the stage dressed as Steve Jobs. He states AEW is there for the people. He tells the story of him signing his contract. He wanted to be part of the AEW Game Division and wants to give the fan the games they deserve as fans.

He speaks of assembling a very creating an eclectic team for the fans of the aspiring fan base. Displaying an NES bit version of the AEW Game. They scrapped it. Working around the clock.

The game will come from current and next gen consoles.

Future Media Creators Yukes will be announced as the developers. The game has a realistic feel that seems more dominating and user friendly to pro gamers and newcomers.

The second is a mobile wrestling game. To assemble your favorites into one team. AEW Elite General Manager will be available to download on all devices.

The third announcement of the event is shirt and marketing for the game. To display the AEW Games t-shirt available at or

EVP Cody Rhodes, the American Nightmare enters the room. He talks about the best video games ever and their gaming backgrounds. He discusses the games in development and announces, what everyone can play now. The available game is the AEW Casino Double or Nothing Game.

Omega speaks of japan developers and them working to reach the next level. They want to leave an impact. They signed the man for the project. That man is Mr. Geta the director of WWE No Mercy.

Mr. Geta is very excited to be apart of the game.


Fans show their enthusiasm around the world. About the game announcement and their accessibility to play as their favorite elite members.

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