Review: the migraine aura EP

Miguel Meza

This self-titled extended-play The Migraine Aura is the debut project from Tacoma, Washington based artist A.J Dudick is a hidden gem on streaming services and serves as a reminder of how independent pop remains the most unique genre on the planet.

Playfully straddling the line between genres like grunge, slow-pop, surf rock and even alternative rock, Dudick had no problem showcasing his abilities as a multi-faceted artist.

The EP is concise at 5 tracks and only barely passes the 10-minute mark but it actually accentuates the flow of the tracks and how they are put together, with two interludes between the opening, middle, and ending track.

The opening two tracks “Your House” and “No Friends” are an instant showing of some chill vibes and easy-going while “Wonder” and “Dead” are much heavier on the garage-grunge aesthetic that mirrors early Green Day.

Overall, I think this is a great project that is hopefully a taste of whats to come for Dudick.


You can follow The Migraine Aura through any of the websites on their Linktree here.

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