Velveteen Dream’s Alleged Victim Speaks Out: “I Want Everyone To Know The Truth”(UPDATE)

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Earlier in the year, NXT Superstar Velveteen Dream (real name Patrick Clark Jr.) was accused of sexual misconduct after multiple people spoke out against the popular wrestler.

At the time, the #SpeakingOut movement was in full swing and as wrestlers all around the globe were being accused of all sorts of awful acts and Dream was not exempt from it.

One of his accusers is Jacob Schmidt, a 17-year-old living in Ontario, Canada.

Schmidt is a WWE fan that has been watching the program for several years and found himself at the beginning of what would turn into one of the most controversial scandals in wrestling when he posted what appears to be video evidence of Dream’s direct messages.

Jacob Schmidt: I started getting into wrestling around late 2016. I’ve always loved segments and promos. In the middle of 2017 I got really into wrestling when I started watching NXT. (On April 24th)

Culture Plus Entertainment: So how did you get into contact with Velveteen Dream?

JS: He (Dream) put a message on his Instagram story saying for people to send their number in to FaceTime him, which I did.

CPE: How old were you at the time?

JS: I was 16 at the time (He turned 17 on the 24th of July)

CPE: How did the conversation start?

JS: This is the exact start:


(Disclaimer: Culture + Entertainment is publishing this screenshot as it is public on Twitter and knowingly shared by Mr. Schmidt)

JS: The conversation went on for a bit. He asked what I wanted to do when I grow up and he said he could help me get in WWE and so on

CPE: Then what happened?

JS: He asked if I got a girl, and if I was “packin” – (to which) I said “maybe, why?” and he gave this sort of mysterious answer and was basically trying to tell me to be confident and to admit it.

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CPE: What was your initial reaction to these messages? How did you feel?

JS: If I’m going to be honest; in the moment I thought it was hilarious because I believed it was a hacker. But then the moment we called (and talked for 20 minutes) and I heard his voice I’m like woah. I was shocked.

CPE: So what did you guys talk about during the course of that conversation?

JS: It was me, asking him questions (that have) to do with wrestling and at some point during that conversation he asked to compare “sizes.” I said I wasn’t really comfortable with that and so he said “don’t worry I’ll go first” and he sent a picture of his penis. Then he said “your turn” so I took a picture (from) online and sent it to him.

CPE: After that did you continue to talk to him about this?

JS: He just told me “oh you’ll be good bro for TV” and then he said “I’ll text you from my phone number now I gotta go”

CPE: Now that everything is out there, how do you feel about it and what do you want done about it?

JS: I feel relieved in a way. I’ve been so thankful over the support I’ve received and of course there is hate out there for me but I’ve been ignoring the hate to the best I can. I think people just think I’m doing this for attention or, “clout” but I’m doing this because the police never followed up with us. I want everyone to know the truth about Patrick Clark.

Culture Plus Entertainment reached out to the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, Florida’s Orange County Police, as well as local authorities in Canada closest to Mr. Schmidt to find information and neither departments in the United States had any reports filed for them nor have they identified Patrick Clark Jr. as a suspect.

The Canadian authorities have yet to respond to us.

Culture Plus Entertainment also reached out to Patrick Clark, who has yet to give us an official response on the matter.
WWE Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development Triple H (Paul Levesque) spoke with CBS Sports on August 17th and said “they didn’t find anything” in regards to the allegations.

CPE will keep you updated as we go along.

(UPDATED-MAY 20TH,  2021)

As of May 20th, it has been reported by many sites that Velveteen Dream has been released from the WWE.

This follows several reports that claimed Dream was backstage at the May 17th WWE Raw taping, where many fans took the sighting as an indication that he might have been called up to the main roster.

Well it seems like Mr. Clark’s mistakes have caught up to him, and he is now out of the company that made him a worldwide star as well as a star prospect in the eyes of many wrestling fans.

His last televised match was with Adam Cole in December of 2020 on NXT, where he suffered a loss.

While some fans have come to the defense of Dream, who hasn’t technically been charged with any crime, most of the WWE Universe seems intent on canceling the star.

A damaged reputation can be fixed, and anything can happen in professional wrestling but right now, it looks like the Dream is over.

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