Comedies that will have you searching for more laughs during quarantine.

Orlando Torres

Good comedies are hard to come by. Great comedies are even tougher to find without seeing ads or marketing pushing a specific album. Here, we are going to dive into some of the better comedy albums and specials that were released between 2019-2020. While there are many more good ones that are worth discussing, here are comedic titles that you shouldn’t miss out on anymore and comics that you would likely enjoy following.

Leonard Ouzts: YA HEAR ME?

Leonard Ouzts at Pittsburgh Improv

This is the first album of Leonard Ouzts of his comedic career, but for a debut album it superbly stands out. Ouzts’s comedy is so raw and real that you can often feel yourself inside the small venue that it was recorded in. His debut album is right under 45 minutes, but from start to finish you’ll be laughing, rewinding the jokes back to hear them again, and may even find yourself in tears sometimes.

With everything going on in the world this album is perfect to stream anytime on Spotify to distract you from whatever’s going on. Ouzts talks about growing up and his experiences with his white friend ‘Tanner’, dating, and ends the album is not a typical way.

There’s no huge call back at the end or big joke to send the crowd home in laughter, but talks about how his manager ‘Melissa’ from his time at Ihop was there for him when his opportunity came calling. It was different, but a wholesome touching finish to a really great album.

Marc Maron: “End Times Fun

Marc Maron on Season 2 of 'GLOW,' the Punishment of Louis C.K. ...

Marc Maron has been around in the comedy game for over three decades. There are a few other names that have been around for as long as Maron, but not many stick around this long. Maron has done several projects in his career other stand on stage in front of a bunch of other people and tell jokes. He was recently apart of “Joker” that was a huge hit last year, and on top of other movies he’s been in and Netflix projects, fans might also be familiar with his “WTF” podcast that he hosts.

To be candid, as Maron ages, his comedy is not for everybody who may just be discovering him. There’s nothing wrong with his performance, he’s just gets more subtle. With all that experience under his belt, Maron has become one of the better story tellers on stage and in this Netflix special, “End Times Fun” is so hilarious because part of this special is set up around the apocalypse. What a coincidence that it was released during the whole Corornavirus pandemic that is going on globally. Maron’s 70 minute performance reminds everyone of how truly great of a comic Maron is.

Emmy Blotnick: “party nights

Emmy Blotnick | Comedians | The Stand Restaurant & Comedy Club

No matter what type of comedy you may be into, Emmy Blotnick is a perfect reminder that a comedian doesn’t need to be over the top with big punch lines or do dramatic antics on stage to turn heads.

Blotnick’s delivery is so relaxed and conversational in her joke approach, that most times you honestly don’t know when her next joke is coming. She’s that damn good. In “party nights” Blotnick talks about wanting to date a giant, and seemingly cuts to her love for The Rock and why he’s so perfect.

Like most comics, Blotnick does poke fun at herself, but one of the more memorable segments of this album was when she blatantly jokes about not having much interest in adult men who still love comic books and comic book movies.

No need to skip through this classic, Blotnick shows off her comedic skills by convincing herself that she does in fact deserves salmon, and then hilariously has the crowd shout in sync of also deserving salmon. Shopping on Amazon while reading the reviews, and listing animals while impersonating Salma Hayek.

Casey Balsham: “Son of a Barb

If you’re looking for over the top non stop laughs, then “Son of a Barb” may be that cure that you need. This album had reached number one of the iTunes chart, but asides from dominating the charts, Casey Balsham is the co-host to “Not Another True Crime Podcast” which can be found many platforms where podcasts are found.

Balsham is very active when it comes to the art of live performances. She was the lead in a Broadway musical, is currently working on her second solo performance, and writing another musical. Back to her debut album, the laughs and raunchiness starts off immediately. Balsham does not hold back when it comes to getting personal within herself, in ways that have the venue in tears from laughing.

The album title is suited perfect for what Balsham dives into. Her mother, Barbara, is one of the funnier characters in her performance when Balsham talks about how she still believed in Santa Claus till she was 13. She mentions how a couple like Barb and her father Jim might be that one couple that oddly sleeps with their two pet birds at night when thinking of the two names. The future is definitely female and Balsham is here to lead the way.

Sam Jay : “3 In The Morning

“You have to love something enough to work hard,” Sam Jay said, “and stand-up is the only thing I love like that.”

Sam Jay’s latest comedy release “3 In The Morning” just got released a few days ago exclusively to Netflix. Jay has been on the rise as of late, but has had lots of success with her past release of “Donna’s Daughter” in 2018. She’s also made appearance on many late night shows and comedy specials that Netflix has produced throughout the years featuring stand up comics to help them break into the business.

Jay’s latest special dives deep into her experiences of how Jay didn’t realize her homosexuality into her late 20s and how she slept with men to make herself feel comfortable around her lady friends. While Jay is expressing her true self, she puts it into a funny way that only a successful comedian knows how to, but still has the viewer trying to put themselves into the shoes of Jay when she talks about her experiences.

Just like Maron’s performance that was released earlier this year that had him talking about events that could only occur during an apocalypse, Jay also jokes that white people seem to be preparing for an apocalyptic event they’re not telling anyone else about: “We have no plan for the end of the world, and it’s clear it’s happening,”. Not only is that eerie to think about, it’s comedy karma, but we love it. If you have not heard or watched any of Jay’s comedy, do yourself a favor and go find this rising star in the comedy world.

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