The Top Ten Seasonal Skins in Overwatch

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When it comes to cosmetics, there are few games that offer such diverse options to the multiplayer world like Overwatch. Filled to the brim with well-developed characters with in-depth background development, the game has featured a multitude of seasonal events that players have fun participating in. From Summer Games to Anniversary events, it really does not end as Blizzard continues to add to their game that they made almost half a decade ago. While emotes, sprays, voice lines, and highlight intros are always awesome to get, the real cash cow is in their skins. These skins add a new dimension of personalization and character nuances to the point where every fan is bound to find their favorite alternate costume. With all this said, these are the top 10 seasonal skins to nab during their events.

Lifeguard Pharah


The mos recent skin to be added to this list, Pharah’s Lifeguard skin is a massive hit with fans and an example of how to do a creative skin with the right execution. It is different from any of Pharah’s skins as it actually avoids her usual armored look and replaces it with a true summer vibe. This provides a brand new take on her character design and it shows off her incredible bod, something that no other skin has. While fans have to wait another year for a Lifeguard Mercy, this is still a nice addition to any collection.

Junkenstein Junkrat

Junkenstein Junkrat

The first ever Halloween event; Junkenstein’s Revenge, was an awesome limited-time mode that introduced a lot of players to the PvE elements of Overwatch. The event saw the addition of several skins(including one that will be seen later), but no other skin was as fresh as Dr. Junkenstein himself. The titular villain to the mode, Junkenstein is by far the cleanest and freshest Junkrat skin and includes really cool details like a Tesla coil on his weapon and vials of chemicals replacing his grenades on his outfit. Chances are that this is the skin you see when a play of the game happens with a Junkrat main.

Lego Bastion

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Part of a promotional tie-in event with Lego to help commemorate the release of the Lego Overwatch sets, Lego Bastion is a simply remarkable costume. Bastion is made completely of colorful Legos, right down to the point where he turns to bricks when he gets taken out in a match. The studs that come out of his gatling gun when he is in sentry gun is just the cherry on top and this serves as a true fan favorite for anyone picking up the Omnic unit.

Pink Mercy

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When it comes to a cool skin with a truly noble cause, there are none that are more impressive than the legendary Pink Mercy skin. Rather than being part of a lootbox, the skin was available for purchase with proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Costume-wise, Mercy is in a fresh pink outfit complete with alternately-colored ultimate effects to match. It is rare to see such a change in the way a character is colored when it comes to that, and it was successful in raising 12.7 million dollars for the cause. While it might be one of the rarest, it is a commendable purchase and really shows a sign of goodwill from the player.

Maestro Sigma

Maestro Sigma

There will be a separate list for the freshest skins in Overwatch, but it in the meantime we need to acknowledge Maestro Sigma for being one of the most pristine outfits that any character has. Part of a short-term event, this costume is fit with a tuxedo and violin-like shield dispenser to give him the appearance of being an conductor. The super shiny loafers and well-combed hair are great details that really give this skin a special feeling to it.

Bajie Roadhog

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The Chinese New Year skins are always interesting as they offer an off-base take on what their character designs could be. It was appropriate to see Roadhog get a skin for the Year of the Pig back in 20 and it is on this list for one reason; The Golden Rake. His weapon is turned from a hook into a rake, and with the golden gun wrap, you get the most awesome weapon in the game. It makes it visually easier to guess where your hooks are going, but its aesthetically pleasing as one of the coolest ways to implement the gold wrap to a weapon.

Nihon Genji

One of the few skins on this list that is not a Legendary, Nihon Genji is just so clean and simple that it was almost too perfect. Dressed in all white and embossed with a small red dot on his chest, this is a great homage to his home country of Japan and it is typically one of the most preferred skins of any Genji main. The all-white look gives a great contrast to the gold weapon wrap for his katana, and the red visor gives such a great accent to go with the whole look.

Face Changer Sombra

Face Changer Sombra

There are very few skins in the game that can change on their own throughout the game. Face Changer Sombra is not only one of them, but one of the most unique skins for Sombra in general. On top of being cool, it also fits her character as she is known to hack her surroundings for her benefit. Her mask switches patterns between three different designs every few seconds and the sights on her gun actually match the changing looks on her face. This is one of those skins that is cool and lore-building.

Formal Doomfist

deviantart 907345 : artist – 907345

As it goes with Sigma’s Maestro outfit, Formal Doomfist is one of the most dapper skins in the game. The reason why this gets a spot on this list is because it actually fits the amount of natural swagger and charisma that Doomfist has. Charismatic and daring, this really gives Doomfist a James Bond-007 vibe and seeing as he is one of the most effective flankers in the game it really fits perfect. The gold jewelry and glasses really give a great combination to the golden weapon wrap so its definitely a pick for the flashy among Overwatch players.

Nutcracker Zenyatta

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The final pick on this list, Nutcracker Zenyatta is the perfect blend of a totally wacky skin that also provides a fresh version of a character that is well-built from the beginning. Just like Roadhog holding a rake for his Bajie skin, this is an absurd but strangely cool way of having Zenyatta attack his foes as he fires full walnuts. Not only does he look hilarious (and a bit unsettling) as a wooden nutcracker doll, but he serves as a festive reminder of the winter event and an instant classic for every Zen main.

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