WWE Announces Raw Underground

Shane McMahon returned to Monday Night Raw with the announcement that Monday Night Raw would get a brand new post-show with Raw Underground.


The move is a bizarre, but gutsy move for the World Wrestling Entertainment landscape but it could prove to be a different kind of adult-themed program given the strippers who danced throughout the entire night) and extended depictions of actual hand fighting.

Annotation 2020-08-03 190647

It seems to be a form of pit-fighting/MMA style fighting but judging by the timing of the how it appeared, it is mainly kayfabe with elements of shoot fighting displayed when Babatunde Aiyegbusi successfully won a few “fights”.

Shane McMahon said that the show would have “no rules” and “lots of chaos” but the overall feel of it was of a Fight Club, which very much has important rules.


There is more to come as we develop tonight, stay tuned for more updates!

*all images from twitter user:@WrestleCritic


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