Why Kenny Omega is indeed NOT a failure.


This post isn’t to talk bad about anyone’s opinion on Kenny. This is simply my take on Kenny Omega and AEW.

Kenny Omega. That name has become a household name over time and it is apparent that the wrestler is a rather polarizing figure in the world of wrestling. Ever since Omega started gracing national television starting in October of 2019, many fans of the sensational wrestler have supported him while some others have wrongfully assumed that he has “failed” as a wrestler. Criticism is abundant: he is not as good as he was in New Japan Pro Wrestling because he has not put on six and seven-star matches or wrestling for hours and hours on in in the ring or because he’s not on top in All Elite Wrestling where he also serves as an EVP. Truth be told, Omega is far from a failure. Omega, Cody Rhodes, Nick and Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks had set out to bring a fresh take to the world of wrestling that fans have been eagerly waiting for for a long time stateside.

All Elite Wrestling gives their talent the spotlight to showcase how hard they work and that there are plenty of opportunities presented to the talent who work for AEW. The roster is diverse, each and every wrestler has a gimmick that works for them and is over with their fans, and viewers enjoy the storylines that have been created as each story has been able to hook in anyone who tunes in to watch. Pay per views are held about three to four months apart and that is where people in attendance to the pay per views or viewers at home see the pay off of the storylines that they had been following for months. All Elite Wrestling successfully manages to bring new old and new fans of wrestling and features some of the most talented and hardworking wrestlers we have seen. That doesn’t sound like a failure. In regards to Kenny Omega, many people are used to his work from NJPW where he made a name for himself as he also made a name for himself in promotions such as DDT and PWG.

Now, he is an EVP of All Elite Wrestling and is also in charge of the women’s division in the company. Not only is he an EVP, but he is also the AAA Mega Champion for Lucha Libre Worldwide and one half of the AEW Tag Teams along with partner Hangman Adam Page. Most people are wanting “The Cleaner” back in action but they must be patient: storytelling takes time. Omega is fine where he is and he is focused on NOT taking the spotlight from other newcomers who should be able to have opportunities to challenge for championships and have a chance to be put over by veteran talent such as Chris Jericho who is known for helping people in the wrestling world. Kenny doesn’t have to put on six and seven-star matches in order to be considered great wrestling. He has grit, he works hard, and he has a vision for himself as he knows where he’s going with his character. He was in the lauded Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing and before that he was in the critically acclaimed tag team match with Hangman Page and The Young Bucks where he and Page retained the title. Kenny Omega is far from untalented and he is not a “failure” as he racks up accolades upon accolades each and every single time he steps foot in the squared circle. Omega knows what’s in store for himself and he’s just getting started in All Elite Wrestling. There is a possibility that he just become the All Elite Wrestling Heavyweight champion in the future.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride folks. Good storytelling is never rushed.

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